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Having trouble concentrating, sleep onset insomnia symptoms - .

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If you are trying to do an extremely dull task that you find boring, you might have difficulty concentrating. People who suffer from medical conditions like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), depression, sleep apnea or other such medical conditions may have trouble concentrating.
Dehydration makes you sleepy and reduces your productivity, killing your concentration considerably.

People who are taking medication for these conditions or other health problems may also experience this difficulty, since loss of concentration is a side effect of many medications. If you want to improve your concentration and increase your productivity, make note of these things that kill your concentration. If you feel compelled to check in every now and then, do it during breaks, when the steady stream of posts won't interrupt your concentration.

But the National Institute of Mental Health says difficulty concentrating is one of the most common symptoms.

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