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Having problems sleeping help, severe tinnitus in one ear - Try Out

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If you are suffering from insomnia or are having trouble getting into a restful deep sleep, then you might want to try these foods.
Apart from helping the body produce melatonin, walnuts contain their own share of sleep inducing hormone, making them the ideal food to have to help you sleep well. Whole grains are a rich source of magnesium and so can help better your chances of getting a good night’s sleep. A great source of vitamin B6, chickpeas help you sleep better by increasing the manufacturing of melatonin in the body.
Having a glass of milk right before going to bed has been an age old practice that helps to soothe nerves and make you fall into deep restful sleep.

While these foods can help you in fighting your sleep issues, you need to make some effort to make your bed and your bedroom a more conducive sleep-inducing environment. While some foods such as coffee act as a stimulant, some others act as a mild sedative, helping our body to relax and get some much needed sleep. Including fish in your daily diet will help increase your chance of catching a full night’s sleep.
This means using thick curtains on your window to block out all light, having your bedroom in a comfortable temperature, and putting your mobile phones in silent and keeping them in your bedside table drawer so that any light from it cannot disturb your sleep.
Jasmine rice in particular helps induce sleep and should be included in your daily diet if you’re finding it difficult to go to sleep.

Also, needless to say, avoid having any caffeinated drinks or sweets or chocolate before going to bed. The fact that sleep is a crucial factor in keeping our immune system in top form, helping us lose weight, keeping our brains sharp, and even keeping our skin looking young, only makes getting a good night’s sleep even more of a necessity.

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