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1968: Jimi Hendrix uses feedback to play "The Star Spangled Banner" at Woodstock, taking the electric guitar where it has never gone before. A given note is comprised of a series of "pitches" that vibrate in harmony with its fundamental frequency or pitch. Things that are tighter, shorter, thinner, and less dense make shorter sound waves and higher sounds, while things that are looser, longer, thicker and denser make longer sound waves and lower sounds. Psychophysical terms such as loudness and pitch describe the human perception of the same acoustical phenomena as amplitude and frequency.
Rapid vibrations of air molecules create a high-pitched sound (treble); a slower rate of vibration creates a low-pitched sound (bass).

Different things make different vibrations when they hit, and that's why you hear high notes and low notes.
On a guitar, all the strings are the same length, but the thicker strings make lower sounds and the thinner strings make higher sounds.
You can experience this phenomena both aurally and visually by listening to and watching a guitar string being plucked. Things that vibrate quickly make small waves in the air, and that sounds to you like a high-pitched note. The string will vibrate at a root, or fundamental, frequency, as well as at higher multiples of this frequency.

You can also change the pitch (how high the sounds are) of the strings by tightening them or loosening them using the pegs at the end of the neck. For example, a cello note playing the pitch of middle C will predominantly resonate at 261 cycles per second, but it will also contain frequencies vibrating at 1,000, 2,000, and 4,000 cycles per second.

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