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If you are looking for a comfortable floor mat to use as a standing desk mat, the Next Generation has a great gel mat that is perfect for relieving tired aching feet.
The Next Generation offers a great office mat to reduce fatigue while also providing a comfortable mat that is less prone to tripping. Many people suffer from foot pain and back pain and have trouble standing on their feet for even a short period of time.
Our missionI started standing desk mat because I couldn't find a place to find reviews of standing desk mats, standing desk pads or anti-fatigue mats. If you prefer a softer, squishier standing surface, we recommend the WellnessMats Original—it’s a little less supportive than our main pick, but it’s a good alternative if you need to buy something now.
The best way to keep your body happy and healthy while working and reduce the risk of ailments caused by sitting on your butt all day is to split your work day between sitting and standing. After hours of research by Wirecutter researcher Audrey Lorberfeld, Mark Lukach (who wrote the rest of the standing desks guide) and myself, we assembled a list of dozens of anti-fatigue mats. I was left with five finalists, which I called in and used over a period of several weeks while standing at my Ikea-hack standing desk. I tested all of the finalists by using each for several days of working at my standing desk using varying levels of footwear.
Additionally, my wife spent several minutes standing on each mat on two separate occasions, several weeks apart. The difference was immediate: whether wearing running shoes, comfortable shoes with heel support and gel inserts, slippers with no heel support at all, or just being barefoot (perks of a home office), the CumulusPro enabled me to spend hours longer standing every day before I had to take a break.
If you’re going to be transitioning between standing and sitting several times per day, and you should, it might be tempting to get a mat that you can put your chair on to make that transition easier.
But mats that are thin enough to accommodate a desk chair without getting compression damage from the casters or legs are generally not thick enough to provide good support when you’re standing. If you have a permanent standing desk, like the Safco MUV or the popular Ikea hack, this is less of an issue, since you probably have separate standing and sitting zones anyway. An email from Imprint’s Philip Risk confirmed that the Cumulus9 is not meant for use with a standing desk, though it’s the most popular item on Amazon for this purpose, which is why we included it for testing.
RhinoMats are popular among standing desk users and are the only mats sold by ErgoDepot, but their covers are made with vinyl, not polyurethane, and they only have two-year limited warranties.
The Imprint Cumulus Pro is our current favorite anti-fatigue mat for those spending more than a few hours per day working at a standing desk.

NFSI was not a huge concern of ours because our recommendation is strictly within the realm of standing desk mats, not general anti-fatigue mats. We’ve been selling anti-fatigue mats (by Rhino, as mentioned above) with our standing desks for almost four years now.
Overall I am highly satisfied with my purchase, which I am comparing to standing with no mat on the office-carpet floor (glorified carpet over concrete), rather than comparing it to an alternative mat. This mat is a good size and has made a difference in leg fatigue while standing for long periods of time. Researchers have found that standing for as little as 90-minutes, for five days, on a concrete floor can cause serious discomfort to the feet, legs and back, as well as causing stiffness to the neck and shoulders.
Standing can quickly lead to sore muscles, but with the right mat it is possible to alleviate aching legs and feet, as well as and sore back muscles. You can read more about the dangers of constant sitting in our standing desk guide and blog post about how to stand at your desk.
Both OSHA [pdf link] and the Canadian equivalent recommend using anti-fatigue mats, alongside changing standing positions and wearing supportive footwear, to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. So you should either spend the extra five seconds per transition period to remove the mat before placing your chair, or use a desk setup where you can easily move your computer from the standing side to the sitting side. I’d also like to mention our UpLift Standing Desk Mat as a good option for users looking for both a chair mat and a standing mat. If you stand for more than a minute on a memory foam mat, it will compress under your feet sufficiently that you might as well not be standing on a mat. Keeble Outlets Foam Mat is an Excellent Kitchen Floor Mat, Wellness Mat and Retail Counter Mat to Minimize Back and Foot Discomfort From Hard Floors.
Standing for periods longer than 90 minutes can result in even more serious conditions such as circulatory problems.
These mats are designed to reduce stresses on the feet and leg when standing for long periods, which can help prevent many of these health concerns. Chris Keef, Director of Corporate Branding says “I started using a standing desk a little over two years ago. This is an excellent size for those who want a comfortable mat to use in front of their standing desk; however, whether you stand at your desk or spend hours working in the kitchen or at some other work station, having a gel filled mat can help relieve back pressure, while stimulating circulation in the legs and feet. In fact, even people who are typically in desk positions have found that working at a standing desk can improve their health; however, standing can also have its drawbacks.

If you are looking for a standing desk mat for your new setup, this Next Generation gel mat is certainly one worth considering.
After hours of research and weeks of foot-on testing, we recommend the Imprint CumulusPro for just under $100.
But whether you’re standing because you want to or because you have to, nearly everyone agrees that using an anti-fatigue mat can reduce the risk of injury, improve your circulation, and help you move around more during the day.
The whole purpose of standing while working is to be healthier, and the purpose of an anti-fatigue mat is to further that goal by improving ergonomics and reducing your risk of injury. From the reviews it’s obvious that lots of people are buying them to use with standing desks. I tried not using a mat, but the pain in my feet, legs, and back almost made me switch back to standing. Now that I have been standing on it in the office for more than a week, I can report there is no longer any significant odor. I would recommend this mat to anyone standing for long periods of time – it totally met my expectations.
Foam Foot From Great Hard High Keeble Keeble Outlets Kitchen Last Manufactured Minimize No-curl Outlets Quality Retail Standing That Thick. Fortunately, it is now possible to reap the rewards of standing without having to endure sore feet, legs and back muscles.
Manufactured From High Quality, High Density Foam with No-curl Edges for an Anti Fatigue Mat That Will Last for Years at a special discount particularly during holiday seasons like Xmas, July 4th holiday and Black Friday as we offer added special discount. I actually own two of them: one that sits in front of the kitchen sink, and one I was using for my standing desk until I started the testing for this piece. Manufactured From High Quality, High Density Foam with No-curl Edges for an Anti Fatigue Mat That Will Last for Years.
It’s totally anti fatigue mat for me as I was spending more time standing in the kitchen doing dishes, meals, and snacks.

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