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Fear of someone getting angry at you, tinnitus caffeine - How to DIY

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This past Saturday, I chose to watch an episode of Dateline, which was about a man named Chad who, on one particular Saturday night in 2011, chased a car full of young men down a desolate mountain road in northern California.
And this is the point I’ve taken the long way to getting to: this entire incident, from Chad believing he had to shoot motherfuckers for stealing some fucking lights, to the people who defend that decision to do so, indicates the presence of a malignant, highly contagious, highly fatal disease that has infected our society. If you don’t believe me, ask Chad, who destroyed his life, his wife’s life and his children’s lives in his angry drive to “protect” all of the above.
My assertion is that we are an angry society, all the way around, and our anger, because all anger is destructive, is destroying us.
The angriest among us, unfortunately, seem to be White Christian males like our friend Chad. In retrospect it also could’ve gotten us shot, had one of the parents been a fearful and angry person who owned a high powered rifle and who also just happened to spot us milling around their property with a halloween mask and flashlight.
The anger, sadness, paranoia, confusion and fear they’re experiencing can result in oppositional, aggressive and sometimes violent speech or actions.
You see, just like any young American males worth their salt who live in the middle of fucking nowhere, these boys were driving around the backroads drinking cheap, shitty liquor.
Revenge is always conducted by people who are Angry, and therefore in no condition to think rationally about anything. But the movement was successful not because people became angry, but because people became rational.
Only two kinds of people really think some home intruder is trying to break into your house at 6 in the morning: idiot-assholes and people so full of fear that they can’t think straight…or at all. Again, not because it’s relevant at all to anything I’m about to write, but because people have a tendency to read what they want to read—and love getting Angry about all the stupid shit they think they read, but don’t actually read.

Some people (including myself, in the past) have argued that there is such a thing as “Righteous Anger.” That things like the Civil Rights never would’ve occurred without a justified anger. And the person in possession of the anger will willingly and even happily destroy themselves in pursuit of their vengeance.
It destroys when you’re an angry cop who takes out your anger on the citizens you’re supposed to be protecting.
There’s no telling whether the avenger is going to respond to a slight in equal terms or if the avenger is going to fly off the fucking handle and, like, slowly use a spoon to carve into someone’s skull and filet the brain because that person, perhaps, stole several solar lights. I believe that the police force as it exists needs better oversight, and I feel angry about the abuse of power I see everywhere I look. When I look at the Civil Rights movement, I see anger in the White Supremacists (in this case, meaning every American who favored apartheid, not just the asswipes in white sheets or whatever) and their police forces.
When we look back on the racial issue of this country, we see numerous instances where people became angry, and responded with anger, and they were wholly unsuccessful. Their anger and hate blinded them to the only rational conclusions inherent in the conflict: that Black people were human beings and deserved to be treated with the same rights and respect as they, as White Americans, expected for themselves.
And I’d prefer it that these people I know don’t get shot by some angry idiot who thinks shooting one of them is going to somehow fix something.
You can shoot all the random cops you want, but it’s not going to make a difference because it’s the system that is fucked.
However, take a step back and you realize that our minds are influenced by what amounts to an infinite amount of factors. And some idiots believe that, “You wouldn’t have said it if you didn’t feel that way,” but that’s stupid.

And just because some people are afraid and angry is no reason to shoot people for those mistakes. We say hurtful things because we’re angry and are more interested in serving that master and destroying things or people than we are in saying and doing what we really mean. People say that this stuff is obvious “in retrospect.” But it was obvious then, if you weren’t blinded enough by anger not to see it. The one thing they all have in common, whether unarmed Black men or well-armed police officers, is that they were all the victims of the plague of Fear and Anger that has afflicted our country. Some of these problems are obvious, such as when someone is hoarding household items, or accuses a family member of stealing something. Also, you can often minimize frustration and embarrassment by offering help in small ways with staying organized. In addition to writing about older adults, she also writes for younger ones--her first novel for young adults, THE LATTE REBELLION, was published in 2011 by Flux. Now that he is getting to the point were he need someone there everyone has givien up on him, and I left trying to do it all alone. First, my mother, who developed vascular dementia in her late 80s, next my oldest sister who had a kind of breakdown at age 73 when it became clear she was getting dementia, and now my youngest (10 years older than I) sister (now 72), following a serious back surgery 9 months ago and pain meds that have become a problem, is in some kind of mental crisis.

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