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Acute HIV infection,which develops several weeks after exposure, commonly manifest with fevers, sore throat, fatigue, enlarged lymph glands, rash, weight loss, and muscle aches. Medicine has truly come a long way with understanding HIV, and this knowledge has given rise to many powerful weapons to fight the disease. Although currently a hot area of research, there is still no cure or vaccine for HIV, primarily because of the virus’s ability to rapidly change and elude therapies targeted against it. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, also called chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, or CFIDS) is a chronic disorder characterized by several debilitating conditions including severe fatigue. In order to be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, a patient must have severe and chronic fatigue that lasts six months or more, and other medical conditions that could cause the fatigue must be excluded. There are many other illnesses that are treatable that need to be ruled out to arrive at a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome. There are a number of secondary symptoms that are also associated with chronic fatigue syndrome.
HIV AIDS Lecture Presented by me in my Community Dentistry Class, BIBI ASIFA DENTAL COLLEGE, SHAHEED MOHTARMA BENAZIR BHUTTO MEDICAL UNIVERSITY LARKANA, SINDH, PAKISTAN. These symptoms are not specific in that other viral infections like mono or the flu can manifest with these symptoms also. Many honest, hard-working people, and celebrities from famous athletes (ex: Magic Johnson) to famous authors and scientists, have HIV. If you have undiagnosed (and therefore untreated) HIV, your average lifespan is only about 10 years, at the end of which you are unlikely to have a good quality of life.

There are currently anti-retroviral medicine combinations (HAART) which can suppress (but not eliminate) the HIV virus to a level that dramatically delays progression of the disease, even to a point that it allows an HIV positive person to live a normal lifespan. Other symptoms include weakness, impaired memory or concentration, insomnia, muscle pain, and fatigue following exertion that lasts more than 24 hours.
It is possible to have these other conditions and also have CFS; if the conditions are treated and the patient still has chronic fatigue then CFS may be considered as a diagnosis. Up to half of patients with CFS may experience symptoms including abdominal pain, alcohol intolerance, bloating, chest pain, chronic cough, diarrhea, dizziness, dry eyes or mouth, earaches, irregular heartbeat, jaw pain, morning stiffness, nausea, night sweats, psychological problems (depression, irritability, anxiety, panic attacks), shortness of breath, skin sensations, tingling sensations, and weight loss. Many others have symptoms of severe fatigue but do not meet the diagnostic criteria for CFS. Beyond the acute HIV infection, the infection itself is often asymptomatic (no symptoms) until it gets to very advanced stages where one can develop weight loss, malnutrition and secondary infections. Although you may face stigma initially, by seeking HIV testing, you will perform a great deed for yourself, your loved ones, and set an example for others. On the other hand, if you do seek diagnosis and are treated for HIV, you open a strong possibility to live a normal life with a normal lifespan (see section on HIV treatment for details). However it takes 1-6 months for the body to make the antibodies so there is a “window period” where the test may be negative even if you have a true, spreadable, HIV infection. Opportunistic infections are infections from bacteria, fungi, and parasites that take advantage of a weakened immune system in HIV-positive hosts. To make a diagnosis, a doctor will first rule out other conditions that have similar symptoms that can be tested for, including mononucleosis, Lyme disease, thyroid conditions, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, various cancers, depression, vitamin D deficiency, and bipolar disorder.

Because the majority of the infection does not have symptoms, screening is recommended in many countries to proactively look for HIV. Therefore, (unless your health institution offers an expensive HIV genetic test) your doctor may bring you back to receive repeat testing in several-month intervals. It is diagnosed through exclusion, that is, ruling out other illnesses with similar symptoms.
As HIV progresses into AIDS, more unusual infections, which are rarely seen in people with normal immune systems, can occur (ex.
The number of patients who recover from CFS is unknown, but management is symptoms early on seems to be associated with better outcomes. Not only does HIV open the door for more severe and unusual co-infections, but co-infections like tuberculosis and hepatitis C have also been shown to accelerate HIV progression. Two day later he asked me to go for check-up, when i did the check-up i was tested HIV Negative.

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