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April 5, 2011 by Whitney Moss 41 Comments Posted in Lists and numbers, Momoirs of a Rookie Mom, PregnancyMy son is on Spring Break, so I am probably busy building a fort. Like many women in their first trimester I hadn’t revealed my pregnancy to those around me, so it might have raised suspicion if I began to nap on the lobby couch at work. I just wasn’t ready, or able, to let pregnancy exhaustion take over as my prenatal yoga instructor advised: “Don’t hold back ladies! I told my boss, and the coworker I share an office with, hoping that I could glean some sympathy through the sickness and the fatigue, but it seemed very much the opposite. I was on a summer softball team when I was 8 weeks pregnant, and threw up in the outfield in between batters.
I was complaining of heartburn and being tired at work and a co-worker suggested I might be pregnant.
I’m approaching my 11th week of my first pregnancy and I am a college student working as a server. I have to go into work in an hour and I’m about to take a catnap even though I slept nearly 11 hours last night. I spoke to my manager about my pregnancy and of reducing some workload and he wasn’t very supportive. It sucks that the number of women in computer engineering field is so less, and pregnant women are something of a rarity in this line of work.

I’m 6 weeks pregnant and i feel nauseous all the time, i want to lay down most of the time, i have 2 boys ages 3 and 2. I actually found out I was pregnant (when I was about 6 weeks along) because I had three straight days at work where it was all I could do to stay awake at my desk and I had no good reason for being so tired! My problem is that I work from home writing web content, and I can barely stay awake long enough to finish my deadlines. I was 5 weeks along in my pregnancy and also in my dream job that I had just landed (before I got the memo I was prego)…my boss had asked me to lead a meeting on the fundraiser for senior citizens that spring. I was already struggling to keep up appearances as my fatigue was making it difficult to express myself in meetings and was zapping my short-term memory. Listen to your intuition!!” she chanted as she outstretched her arms, closed her eyes, and sighed a long deep sigh illustrating how she and the sidewalk became familiar when she succumbed to a nap during one of her recent walks.
It’s a new job as a fashion editor and I feel as though my fatigue could be mistaken as lack of enthusiasm. I’m about 6 weeks pregnant and I’ve forgotten what my life was before the pregnancy (socialising at least 5 times a week)!
Right after I throw my self-image that I have so carefully crafted these last 30 plus years out the window. Perhaps the biggest comfort is that it does get better as the morning sickness haze rises in the second trimester.

There have been a handful of pregnant women that have come and gone from my department, and their treatment was equally harsh.
I asked if she’d like to share some tips with other rookie moms, and she sent me these ideas for sneaking in naps for pregnant career women.
I am only 6 weeks and feel as though, I must be dying from some unknown disease, and that pregnancy cannot possibly be making me this tired!
All of the pregnancy books say to listen to your body and rest whenever you need to, which for me, would have been every waking hour of the first trimester. I really thought it was an age thing, but now I am thinking no, every pregnancy is different! I am fortunate because I do have a very helpful husband and supportive family, however, I am not sure how long my husband is going to be so helpful!

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