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Fatigue is the inability to maintain the same level of mechanical output; specifically, a reduced capacity to produce force. Why fatigue increases the risk of injury is 2 mechanisms that start to occur which affect force production; decreased proprioception and ligament laxity.
The significance of fatigue is huge; a larger number of injuries occur in the later stages of practices and games. The first discovery was women produced greater impulse when fatigued, men had actually had less.

The effect of sex and fatigue on lower limb kinematics, kinetics, and muscle activity during unanticipated side-step cutting. What should scare us about fatigue is not the difficulty, but the increased risk of injury.
A May 2013 study out of Kyoto University in Japan sought out to discover these effects of fatigue and the differences based on gender. However, fatigue causes this process take a millisecond longer, exacerbating weaknesses and altering ratios in the movement signatureTM.

Regular monitoring is crucial for fatigue management, as well as awareness for the athlete.

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