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Fatigue after flu 2013, tinnitus treatment - Plans Download

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If you look at the medical definition of post viral fatigue syndrome you will find its the same as me and CFS. If I over exert, and you don't realise you are over exerting until several hours later, I have a crash of exhaustion and fatigue which can last for several days to weeks. It lasted until October the 5th although sporadic cases continued to be seen long after that date. This article will soon begin to feel bitter in your mouth for you have just put down and fluffed off people who are terribly ill and suffer and try to get back to normal and nothing works.

I did however, train as a practitioner afterwards because I could see its value in other avenues and issues. Also, i would not recommend a sufferer to exercise, I know this because I was told to do graded exercise while I was ill and often attempting to stand up for a minute solid would cause me to be bedridden for a few days afterwards.
I am shocked and appaled to see that even after all the research on retroviruses and the huge amount of evidence that ME is quite physical, there are still around articles so grossly uninformed as this one. I got a viral infection two years ago that turned into post-viral fatigue and then chronic fatigue syndrome.

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