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Eustachian tube dysfunction successful treatment, hearing loss cure in india - How to DIY

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Eustachian tube function can be evaluated formally by the process of measuring pressure in the ear using tympanometry, documenting that it is different than 0, then having the person attempt to open up their ET, and then measuring it again. Eustachian tube function may be poor for several months after a bout of otitis media (Caye-Thomasen and Tos 2004).
The patulous (open too much) eustachian tube is also diagnosed by noting that people have autophony (hear their own voice in their ear), an abnormal resonance to the voice (due to the tube being open), or the simple expedient of watching the ear drum move while the person breathes. Occasionally, people with severe symptoms due to ET dysfunction may have a ventilation tube placed in their ear drum.
Recently balloon Eustachian Tuboplasty (BET) has been used as a method of treating chronic obstructive ETD.

As a last resort, a patulous eustachian tube may be closed surgically (Rotenberg et al, 2012) and a perforation created in the eardrum.
Rotenberg BW, Busato GM, Agrawal SK.Endoscopic ligation of the patulous eustachian tube as treatment for autophony. This relieves the symptoms of ET dysfunction but creates a perforation in the eardrum which reduces hearing to a small extent as well as provides a potential entry point for infection. These agents are intended to close eustachian tubes, and would not be appropriate for persons who have plugged eustachian tubes rather than abnormally open ones. A novel diagnostic tool for chronic obstructive eustachian tube Dysfunction-The eustachian tube score.Laryngoscope.

Value and discriminative power of the seven-item eustachian tube dysfunction questionnaire. Van Roeyen et al (2015) reported that the ETDQ-7 was unable to distriminate between obstructive ET dysfunction and patulous ET.

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