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Playing sports is more than just recreation -- it benefits your physical and emotional health. Positive Emotional EffectsIn addition to stress relief, playing sports may improve self-confidence and motivation in young athletes, according to the textbook Adolescence by Joseph Santrock. Negative Emotional EffectsIt's possible that an emphasis on winning can create an unhealthy view of competition and foster feelings of aggression in adolescents, and a 2011 study conducted by the University of California at San Diego found that upset losses led to a 10 percent increase in at-home violence committed by football players against their significant others. Athletes who suffer from sport injuries commonly experience negative emotions such as boredom, depression and frustration.

While some commonly lauded benefits transcend the physical, the emotional effects of sports rarely enter the discussion. On the flip side, this emotional element may actually help prepare young players for coping with stress, defeat and performance anxiety in the adult world. Just as the same game can strengthen your body or give you a bone fracture, sports have both positive and negative emotional effects.
Playing sports also raises your body temperature, which may exert calming emotional effects.

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