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Effects of sleeplessness on health, tinnitus cure cd - Try Out

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The most obvious effects are daytime sleepiness, moodiness, irritability, impaired memory, reduced energy, headaches and increased risk of having accidents. Sleep deprivation, or insufficient sleep, leads to sleep debt (also called sleep deficit), which is characterized by mental, emotional and physical fatigue, and problems in effectively performing day-to-day activities, particularly the high-level cognitive functions that are carried out in the frontal regions of the brain. Unfortunately, one of the effects of sleep deprivation is impaired judgement, so that (similar to the effects of alcohol) we usually do not notice, or may even subconsciously deny, the extent of our reduced alertness and functionality. Sleep deprivation has major effects on the homeostatic regulation of sleep, but only minor effects (if any) on the circadian pacemaker. There have been many examples of voluntary sleep deprivation which have allowed us to see its effects on the body and the mind.

Guinness World Records (which no longer includes sleep deprivation records due to the possible health risks) has in the past listed the Finn Toimi Soini as having gone without sleep for 276 hours in 1964, and a British woman, Maureen Weston, as having stayed awake for 449 hours (almost 19 days) in 1977, but these are not considered to be scientifically documented. Typically, we may be aware of the effects of sleep debt in its early stages, but our perception of our level of alertness tends to level off as a period of sleep deprivation continues, even though the impairment in performance continues to worsen. Insufficient sleep typically manifests itself in a whole array of physiological and behavioural effects including: yawning, reduced alertness, a diminished ability to concentrate and multitask, reduced attention span, memory lapses, impaired reaction time and reflexes, aching muscles and muscle fatigue, hand tremors, dark circles or bags under the eyes, lowered body temperature, increased blood pressure, increased stress hormone levels, increased heart rate variability, mood swings, irritable or aggressive behaviour, confusion, increased risk-taking and poor decision-making, and even hallucinations.
However, in making these kinds of claims, it is notoriously difficult to separate out cause and effect, especially when one considers that psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder and alcoholism may often lead to sleep difficulties, rather than - or indeed as well as - vice versa. A few studies have associated daytime naps with lowered blood pressure, reduced cardiovascular stress and reduced coronary mortality, although it is not clear whether the beneficial effects arise from the actual sleeping or from merely the expectation of relaxation (or from other associated lifestyle effects).

A 17 year old Californian, Randy Gardner, went without sleep for 264 hours (11 days) for a bet in 1964, and currently holds the official scientifically-documented record for intentional sleeplessness without the use of stimulants, although British consciousness researcher Tony Right is also recorded as having achieved 11 days of sleeplessness in 2007, using a special raw food diet of his own devising.

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