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This article explores the side effects of MSM, and whether the MSM side effects indicate that MSM is safe.
Before taking any supplement it is important to learn as much as possible at its side effects. Luckily, according to research, there are few to no MSM side effects, nor are there any MSM allergies (a common problem with many supplements and medicines). However, it should be noted that some companies combine MSM with other compounds during the manufacturing process.
If you have shown any signs of sulfur compound allergies in the past, be careful before to read the ingredients and allergy history of the medication before taking any MSM supplement. When scientists tested the dose on human beings, no dangerous MSM side effects were uncovered.

Research into toxicity found that it would take as much as 2000 grams or more before an MSM supplement could be considered truly toxic – well beyond the normal amount any human being would consume from a supplement.
However, as of this writing, studies have shown that there are little to no side effects of MSM.
It's found in a variety of foods in very small doses, and several studies have shown that MSM is a valuable supplement for men and women of all ages. While available on its own, it's most commonly added to other effective joint supplements, including glucosamine and chondroitin. MSM is a type of sufluric compound that is found naturally within the body, so there is no risk of allergic reaction or other unwanted side effects.
Scientists gave animals as many as five to seven times as much MSM as an adult human being would take daily for as many as 90 days.

However, inexpensive MSM supplements may be synthesized in a way that isn't completely purified. Try to avoid the crystallized MSM purification process, as this type tends to be more likely to pick up trace elements and could create MSM side effects. Make sure you are comfortable with the side effects of MSM before you decide to take any supplement that contains the ingredients.
Without effective purification, the MSM can pick up trace elements of dangerous metals or toxins.

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