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Effects of msg, tinnitus tratamiento ginkgo biloba - Review

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For this reason, MSG is listed by Underground Health Reporter in the #1 position among the top-10 list of most harmful ingredients in foods. Many people have experienced negative side effects from ingesting Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).
According to a recent report by the UHR, excitotoxins like MSG can result in brain damage even as they are found in small amounts in natural foods. The MayoClinic warning on MSG states, “some people report more severe reactions [than those mentioned in the FDA study]. While it is true that there are minute levels of unprocessed glutamate found in some foods, this is irrelevant when considering the safety of MSG.

For this reason, one would think it’s impossible to make a spicy snack food without using MSG. So, it’s not surprising that there is an MSG alliance of organizations attempting to ensure the ongoing sale and profitability of MSG distribution. Simply known as, The Glutamate Association, the front organization for promoting and defending MSG sales is shrouded behind a cloak of secrecy. Blaylock cites studies in which MSG was found to produce brain lesions, obesity, and brain damage. Olney’s studies on various species of test animals disclosed that MSG, when fed in doses similar to those found in human diets, destroys hypothalamic neurons.

But no one had warned pregnant women of the danger to their developing babies caused by the MSG found within their own food. Olney demonstrated that MSG, when fed to pregnant Rhesus monkeys, could cause brain damage to their offspring.

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