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A year ago, we published one of our most popular findings – 6 surprisingly effective treatments for depression. This chart is based on 4,956 people with depression who participated in CureTogether surveys, compared to 944 people last year.
Another new thing on this chart: alcohol was added as a treatment, and was rated to make depression worse instead of better. The top right quadrant shows the most popular and effective treatments, and the top left quadrant shows treatments that not many people have tried but that have above-average effectiveness, so they may be options to think about (e.g. Treatments in the lower right quadrant are ones that lots of people have tried but that have below-average effectiveness (e.g.
Please tweet, blog, or pass this along to anyone who can benefit or is interested in depression. In no case can alcohol be recommended as definitively helpful as it is shown in many studies it mimics and reinforces symptoms of depression and may lead to severe drinking problems and addiction which makes matters even worse. You might want to tell people that the severity of depression has not been controlled here. It is by far one of the most challenging aspects of Effexor – I would hazard a guess that many who are on Effexor are simply continuing to be on it because they are too afraid of the withdrawal symptoms, not because they actually need it for the original condition.
It would be great for this site to feature something in a survey form that allows people to give feedback on coming off meds like Effexor XR and indeed how they cope after ceasing therapy and similar. Although we have some effective interventions for depression, including medications, not all teens respond to these interventions. This study included 260 adolescents with a depressive disorder living in two parent households (122 girls and 138 boys). As you can see, the combination of CBT and Fluoxetine was just as effective as Fluoxetine alone, and both of these treatments were more effective than CBT alone and the placebo. The next graph shows the effect of the interventions for girl with high levels of parental marital discord. Now here we can see the effect of the therapy for girls living in families with low parental marital discord. But in the case of depression the response to the fake pill is not only due to the placebo.

So given these thoughts, in this study the story about CBT as treatment of adolescent depression is actually quite sad. I was very interested in the results of your study re: the efficacy of treating adolescent depression with Prozac+CBT. DisclaimerThe content of this site is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be and should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other medical professional. The chances of reaching remission with CBT, if you have not reached remission after treatment with the first antidepressant, is about 25 to 30%.
Mindful Health Solutions was the first psychiatry practice to offer TMS for the treatment of major depression in the Sacramento area. CureTogether members have been anonymously sharing symptoms and treatments for almost 3 years now.
Effexor is in the lower left quadrant (not very popular and not very effective) while venlafaxin (should actually be spelled venlafaxine) is in the upper left quadrant (not very popular, but effective). Yes, we are in the process of going through all the submitted treatments and canonicalizing them. This means that Sertaline might have worked for someone with mild depression and art therapy might have worked for someone who was severely depressed, but there’s no guarantee that Sertaline would have worked for someone who was severely depressed or vice versa.
We are working on subdividing conditions by severity to see how the treatment effectiveness profiles differ. What else has been medically proven to be good for your health and fitness, not to mention mental and psychological health. I mentioned how by age 18, about 16% of girls and 8% of boys will experience a depressive disorder (major depressive disorder or dysthymia). Not only was CBT not effective in the treatment of depressed teens, but actually it was a very poor placebo among girls in low conflict households.
This may or may not be reassuring, but less than 50% of individuals with depression achieve remission with the first antidepressant.
As a member of the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and a practicing cognitive therapist I often reccomend this form of treatment to my patients. Every research study has some bias, so we present these findings as just what they are – patient-reported data – to stimulate discussion and generate new insights for further research.

Depression is one of the most prevalent psychiatric conditions in adolescents and unfortunately it is not just a temporary phase. This month the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology published a large study examining whether parental conflict negatively impacted the effectiveness of interventions for depressed adolescents. Depression episodes come in cycles and although adolescent depression is chronic (many depressed adolescents will continue to experience depressive episodes throughout their lives), many people will eventually come out of an acute episode given enough time. Thus, these results don’t tell us much about whether these interventions prevented relapse or at least shortened the time to the next depressive episode.
This assumes you have tolerated an adequate dose of the medication prescribed and you have tolerated your depression for 12 weeks while waiting for the first antidepressant to be effective!
For example, CBT seems to be more effective in individuals with mild and moderate depression rather than severe depression. Stay tuned for more and please let us know in the comments below if this was helpful or interesting for you. Research suggests that depression that starts in childhood or adolescence is actually more chronic and more impairing than adult onset depression. Given that parental conflict is one factor associated with depression in teens, it was sensible to think that depressed kids living in families with high parental conflict would be less likely to respond to interventions than depressed kids living in low conflict families. Some studies have shown that some versions of CBT are actually very effective in treating depressed teens.
That’s a discussion for another day, but sadly the data on this last issue are not encouraging at all.
It means that not ANY version of CBT would work and the minor nuances between one manual and another (one version of CBT and another) actually make the difference between being effective or being potentially worse than a sugar pill!

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