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Depending on the level of tinnitus, sufferers endure different degrees of whistling, chirping, and ringing in the ears throughout the day and especially at night.
The development of tinnitus can result from exposure to loud noises, ear infections, injury, or a combination of different causes. Below are several at home remedies for tinnitus you can implement today to lessen your frustration and make it easier for you to hear.
Also consider limiting your salt intake, as it can raise your blood pressure and can make tinnitus worse.
While you can not directly control the symptoms of tinnitus, you can control your environment and how the body processes information.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association recommends using the devices at night to help the body get the rest it needs to recharge, and to help lessen the stress associated with tinnitus.
There are several at home ear cleaning kits available that allow you to safely remove the wax without doing damage to the inner ear. Currently there are no prescribed medications that will completely cure tinnitus symptoms, but a promising new natural treatment has seen a recent surge in popularity. Caffeine can also aggravate tinnitus in other ways, so reduce or limit your intake to achieve optimal results. If you feel uncomfortable working on the ear, schedule a visit with your local audiologist and let them check the condition for you.

After all, a simple change in diet could have long-lasting positive results for you, whereas a simple cleaning of the ear could work wonders for someone else.

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