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Music fans in Ormskirk are risking their hearing every day by listening to mp3 players at too high a volume. Specsavers Opticians and Hearing Centre in Ormskirk has noticed an increase in the number of enquiries about ringing or buzzing in the ears from those who regularly listen to personal stereos, and is using this year’s Tinnitus Awareness Week (3-9 February) as a warning residents to turn the music down.
Audiologist Catherine Kimball says: ‘Personal music players are one of the most damaging ways of listening to music because the noise is aimed directly at the eardrum. Catherine adds: ‘Our ears need to last us a lifetime so it is important that we look after them.
If you are worried about your hearing or experience a ringing in the ears, you can make a free appointment at Specsavers Hearcare Centre in Ormskirk by calling 01695 587 920. These hard-hitting messages should demonstrate the effects loud music may have on human ears that may cause Tinnitus and may result in deafness. This campaign is organised by Action on Hearing Loss, which targets the education of people on the dangers of loud music and using appropriate methods to protect their ears from this type of hazard.

Festival-goers in Camden will be targeted by a hard-hitting campaign alerting people to the dangers of listening to loud music for too long. Adverts from the Action On Hearing Loss campaign show people’s ears being attacked by a drill or hammered with a nail to show how loud music can cause tinnitus or, in extreme cases, deafness. It coincides with the Camden Crawl, which runs from May 4 to 6 and is seen as the first festival of the season.
Playing music through headphones too loudly can lead to serious long-term repercussions such as tinnitus or the onset of hearing loss. The advertisements will be on display on billboards, cinema halls, and telephone boxes for creating awareness of the ill effects of loud music. This method of advertisement is slightly different yet unique in creating awareness among people to stay away from high volume sound. It is aimed at educating people about the problems associated with listening to music at a high volume and the damage it causes to your ears.

Its causes are not clear but it is often linked to regular exposure to loud noise.* Noise levels exceeding 105 decibels can damage hearing if endured for more than 15 minutes.
To demonstrate the bad effects of noise and loud music, a campaign is being organized to target festival goers in Camden. The hearing loss campaign focuses on tinnitus from loud music and it will be very interesting to see the impact that it will have on party goers.

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