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Ear sounds phonics, sound in ear like a drum - .

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Order Hard Copy Phonics Readers to Support Scaffolded Learning - SSP Readers, PocketRockets, Dandelion Launchers and Dandelion Readers. SSP Levels - Orange Level (Phonemic Awareness, no Phonics) Green Level, Purple Level, Yellow Level, Blue Level. Order all 158 Dandelion Launchers and Readers shown here - to give students the opportunity to practice blending sounds pics within the Green, Purple, Yellow and Blue Levels. The Speech Sound Clouds are modified for individuals, depending on accent etc, during the learning journey. SSP Visual Prompts for Spelling (linked with order of learning the code) So as children learn the representations for the speech sounds, they practice spelling words created using those speech sounds and speech sound pics.

The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach is fully dyslexia friendly, and asks educators to start from the student, not the curriculum - adapting resources to meet the needs of each individual. Miss Em suggests that you also purchase the Yellow Pack, as these are used for various SSP activities eg Speech Sound Detective. Students choose a reader from their SSP level, to reinforce learning - and to move from phonics to fluency and comprehension quickly and easily. Within the Speech Sound Pics approach we scaffold learning - helping the brain - eyes- info processing development stages happen more easily and organically. Miss Em recommends using the RWI phrases so that students not only form letters that flow, and are easily then joined, but also to make the speech sound to speech sound pic links more easily.

When students see 't' for example, they can recall the speech sound this may represent as they think of 'down the tower, across the tower'. As so often, this feel on deaf ears, and the parent doesn't want to upset those wonderful teachers working so hard to help him..

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