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Ringing in the ears is described as hearing a high-pitched sound that has no external or internal sound source.
A head injury or disease affecting the brain may also damage the auditory nerve and other structures involved in hearing, resulting in ringing in the ears. If the ringing in the ears has a pulsing sound, it may be due to a cardiovascular disorder. A cold or bout of the flu often causes head congestion, which may lead to temporary ringing in the ears. Ringing in the ears should be reported to a doctor promptly if: it persists for more than a few hours after exposure to a loud noise, it is associated with an ear infection and does not disappear when the infection clears, or it arises due to an unknown cause.
Meniere's disease is believed to be caused by an increase of fluid in the labyrinth of the inner ear.

This is the type of hearing loss that arises from problems in the inner ear or the nerve from the inner ear to the brain, or from the brain itself.
This involves degeneration of the ear bone, which can immobilize mechanisms important in hearing in the middle ear.
Mild to moderate ringing in the ears usually is not heard during the course of daily activities. For more severe cases, ask your doctor about a tinnitus masker, which is worn like a hearing aid and provides a more pleasant and less diverting sound.
In addition to ringing, the sound may seem like a buzzing, roaring, whistling, or hissing noise. Since a lack of oxygen can result in tinnitus, anemia is a possible cause of ringing in the ears.

The infection may occur alone or in conjunction with a cold or flu or it may originate in the ear itself. It also may be accompanied by other ear or neurologic problems and persistent ringing in the ears.

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