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Most likely, something is happening in your ear that is passing inaccurate messages along to your brain.
Protect Yourself from Loud Noise – It’s Not Your Friend!One of the main causes of tinnitus and ringing ears is loud noises.
The bones that your ear uses to pick up on vibration in the ear and turn it into something that you hear are the tiniest in bones your body. They, along with the other structures of the ear, vibrate slightly in response to sound as a way of picking it up and transmitting it.If you expose your ear to very loud noises, it makes the vibrations more intense than they should be and can cause some lasting damage.

Protective earplugs or earmuffs are a good way to protect you if you live or work in a place that makes completely avoiding loud noises impossible.2.
Eliminate Some Vices While Trying to Cure Ringing EarsIf you have a habit of drinking a lot of coffee or alcohol, the solution to how to cure ringing ears may very well be to cut back.
Exercise is a particularly potent way to improve blood flow, which makes it a good natural cure for ringing ears. You may also want to try natural treatments for tinnitus.Many people also find that devices that produce white noise make them more comfortable.

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