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The condition of pain during flights is known as “aeroplane ear”, and the medical term for it is “Barotrauma” (or barotitis media). The human ear is a complex organ with three main areas: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear.
The best way to deal with airplane ear is to take some of the precautions in the next paragraph, but sometimes the pain catches you by surprise. Suck on some candy – air flows through the Eustachian tube when you swallow, yawn and chew, so sucking on some candy will ease the flow of air in and out of the middle ear. Most importantly – If you know you are prone to ear infections, airplane ear or you have Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD) – don’t fly. Another common solution is to hold two cups over your ears throughout the descent of the airplane. Eardoc is a natural alternative for middle ear infection treatment, drainage of fluid buildup in the middle ear and ear pain relief. The problem is caused by the low air pressure in the middle ear space (which has equalized with it’s surroundings over the course of the flight) acting like a vacuum, encouraging the Eustacean tube to remain closed in those physiologically unlucky enough to have a narrow one or a feeble tensor veli palatini muscle. Once this device has punctured your ear drum, then your middle ear will equalize in pressure.
On a recent flight, during descent, my ears and those of a friend were in intense pain, something which had never happened before.

The middle ear is where most ear infections happen – between the ear drum and the inner ear. However, If you are one of the unlucky to be prone to develop airplane ear or ear infections, you may want to try prevention steps as well. The plane begins to land and our inner ear pressure swells, feeling something like the gradual multiplication of wet socks within our brain pan. The Ear Pressure Equalizer aims to level the playing field and halt, once and for all, the rash of Scanners-like head explosions that has been the airline industry's dirtiest little secret for over fifty years.
This results in the middle ear being unable to equalize the pressure and the increasing surrounding air pressure acts on the eardrum stretching into the middle ear space and causing the resultant agony. Since the air inside the ear expands as well, the body has to equalize pressure in the ear with the pressure surrounding the body.
Simply push the device into your ear, press the button and feel the aural orgasm of inner ear pressure releasing itself. Upon landing, I was finally able to clear my ears by using the closed nose blow thing, upon which I was amazed by how much THIS HURT, and I could hear liquid sounds in my ear. If the pressure radically changes in the inner ear you experience extreme nauseating vertigo, Tinnitus and there will usually be some residual, if sometimes sub-clinical hearing loss. For some, the pressure becomes an excruciating pain which may even prevent them from flying.

The same thing happens when you get airplane ear – the air inside the middle ear pushes out, while the eardrum pushes inside (since it expands only to a limit).
In some cases, this tube is too narrow to pressurize the air inside with the ear outside the middle ear. After going to an ENT clinic, I found that there was now a bit of blood in my ear canal, and it was probably due to having a bit of a cold before flight, and that prevented me from being able to clear my ears properly, and caused ear pressure hell and said blood.
The pressure of the air-filled space behind the eardrum does not match the pressure of the environment. Air is pumped out of the cabin in order to account for the increase of pressure, essentially creating a negative pressure.This negative pressure is what causes pain or discomfort on your ear. As the cabin is depressurized your eustachian tube is trying to regulate the pressure in your inner ear. But, Eustachian tube dysfunction can persist or develop in adulthood and can cause lasting difficulty when flying.Eustachian tube dysfunction can also come and go with allergies, sinus infections, upper respiratory infections, and colds. If you are planning to fly with one of these conditions, you are more likely to experience ear pain.

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