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Surgery for middle ear infections: Chronic infections of the middle ear can pose a threat to a patient’s health. Surgery for hearing loss due to otosclerosis: Otosclerosis is a common cause of hearing loss that results from stiffening of the third ear bone (the stapes). Surgery for hearing loss due to other hearing bone problems: The three bones of hearing (malleus, incus, and stapes) can be disrupted by a variety of problems. Surgery for acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma): Acoustic neuromas are benign tumors that arise from the balance nerve. Cochlear implant surgery: In patients with severe to profound hearing loss in both ears, a special device called a cochlear implant may be helpful in restoring hearing. Surgery for ear fluid: In both children and adults, recurrent fluid may build up or persist, leading to hearing loss and increasing the chance for more permanent problems. Bone anchored hearing aid surgery (BAHA): In people with certain types of hearing loss, a special hearing implant can be used to help recover hearing. Surgery for Vertigo or Dizziness: Although medical treatment is often helpful for vertigo and dizziness, surgery is occasionally required. Surgery of the skull base: A variety of problems can affect the ear and temporal bone (sometimes referred to as the skull base), including a number of different tumors, traumatic injuries, infections, and other disorders. For over 17 years, the NYOG has specialized in the ear, nose and throat, and ranks among the country's leading diagnostic and treatment centers for otolaryngology-related illnesses.

Cochlear is a proud partner of Ear Community and looks forward to another fun-filled year ahead! A hole in the ear drum may be caused by several things including trauma (damage), pressure, ear surgery and infection.
Inflammation in the middle ear with associated fluid filling the middle ear space around the ossicles. Stiffening of the chain of small bones in the middle ear prevents sound from passing easily through to the inner ear.
May damage the ear drum or small bones in the middle ear stopping sound from passing easily through to the inner ear.
Surgery can be performed in an attempt to improve hearing in these cases through the use of prosthetic ear bone that bypasses the stiffened area. Surgery to restore hearing in these cases often involves the reconnection of the ear bones to the eardrum. However, because of their location near the ear and brain, they can pose significant problems for patients.
This implant is placed behind the ear into the skull bone and a special hearing aid is attached.
Depending upon the cause and the patient’s hearing levels, a variety of procedures are available to help control vertigo and dizziness.

This is mostly used for vascular tumors of the ear (called glomus tumors) and other selected tumors of the skull base, including acoustic neuromas (vestibular schwannomas) that have demonstrated growth over a period of time. In the surgery, the ossicluar chain is re-established using various techniques depending on the exact cause.
The fluid stops the ossicles and ear drum from moving effectively and stops sound from passing easily through to the inner ear. Surgery can be performed to correct these problems and consists of a number of different types of operations. Staffed by an exceptional team of board-certified physicians and specialists, the NYOG adheres to a comprehensive disease management approach to ensure its patients receive the best possible care of their sinus, head and neck, hearing and balance, speech and swallowing, and sleep apnea conditions. Depending upon the size and location of the tumor, a patient’s hearing level, as well as other factors, acoustic neuromas may be removed by a translabyrinthine, middle cranial fossa, or retrosigmoid approach. As well, its facial plastics practice offers a broad array of facial reconstructive surgeries and cosmetic procedures.

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