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A drugs charity director is suing British Transport Police after he was wrongly targeted by sniffer dogs at an Underground station. Alan Thorpe, Dog Unit Team Leader said: ‘She is by far the most successful drugs sniffer dog ever. Buy a Print`" title="Mailing illegal drugs is a felony punishable by four to 20 years in prison.
Armed with canines trained to sniff out drugs, local, state and federal authorities watch the mail for packages like Wright's as they come through the post office and carriers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL. The goal is to intercept illegal drugs, track down their sources and, package by package, try to dismantle the drug trade, or at least cut off one of its channels, said Virginia State Police Lt.
They don't want to tip off criminals, and private mail carriers don't like to be associated with drugs, said Officer Jimmy Barnes, a spokesman for Virginia Beach police.
Virginia Beach formed it s Interdiction Squad, which works to catch drugs as they enter the city, in the late '80s, said Lt.
Detectives don't like to discuss their methods, but search warrants filed in Virginia Beach Circuit Court give a glimpse of how they work to find drugs.
Once officers suspect that a box or envelope contains drugs, they obtain a search warrant from the magistrate's office. Traffickers try all sorts of tricks to fool the canines - such as hiding drugs in jars of peanut butter or lacing boxes with perfume - but they usually don't work, Hart said.

Nationwide, the Postal Inspection Service's package interdictions yield about $4 million in drugs and result in about 1,000 arrests every year, he said. In June 2008, drug supplier Wright flew to California, purchased five to six pounds of high-quality marijuana, packed it in a box and mailed it to Virginia, according to the criminal complaint. People that buy drugs support Terrorist,the guys that kill our soldiers and border guards.Make it legal and cut the bad guys out of the picture. When will we realize that our drug laws support an abhorant police state that defies our very constitutional rights. Lt Duane Hart states that criminals try all sort of methods to transport drugs but they usually don't work.
Millions of dollars spent just locally, in paying police, dogs, lawyers, judges, and prisons, to put people in prison perhaps for life (!!), for buying and selling and smoking a plant that grows naturally in the earth. There are some incredibly naive news writers that believe in this phony war on drugs and the physicians caught up in the phony war on addicting prescription drugs.
The case is being monitored by law enforcement agencies across the country that use dogs in the search for illegal substances.
The US Supreme Court has heard four dog sniffing cases before – two of the previous cases involved the use of drug dogs after a traffic stop, one involved airport luggage, and the other one involved a package in transit. A drug-sniffing dog smelled the 28 pounds of marijuana inside, according to police and court records.

They pleaded guilty last week in federal court in Norfolk to conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute narcotics and maintaining a drug-involved premise.
The war on drugs has several purposes, but the main reason is an excuse to beef up the police into a paramilitary force.
And this yellow rag of a newspaper, the Virginian Pilot, has done nothing, in the last fifteen years, but promote the myth that the war on drugs can be won. Last year, the state police's three-man Public Transportation Team confiscated $3.8 million in drugs statewide, Hood said.
They should go ahead an legalize drugs, as has been the case since man has been around, people want to get high sometimes.
What the mindless meddlers in the Government haven't learned is, as long as people want to get high there will be drugs a plenty.
Before 1923 you could go into any corner drug store and get heroin and cocaine over the counter without a prescription, manufactured by big phama.

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