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There are many great places to read the games of thrones books online however many only inlcude the first few chapters of the book causing you to stop and find another copy. Famous television series Game of Thrones is an adaption of George R Martin’s series a song of Ice and Fire. Lena Heady is a renowned Hollywood actress and in life of Lena Heady Game of Thrones just came at the right moment as she was really struggling with her career at that time. At the end of season one just when everyone thought Daenerys Targaryen role is over, she emerges as a powerful competitor of the throne.
These four are the most powerful characters and probably one of them would sit on Iron Throne at the end of the series.

Each episode of Game of Thrones costs around six millions, yes you read that right it’s six million US dollars for a single episode. While i was writing this blog a news came in that University of Virginia’s students would be watching Game of Thrones as part of their university curriculum.
Since this is based on a novel series you can download the Game of Thrones e-book from internet, Game Of Thrones pdf version is also available online. So it basically revolves around who rules the seven kingdoms and get to sit on the Iron throne. A single iron throne is the center of attention of series as it controls all seven kingdoms.

Game of Thrones has this special feature that there is not a single protagonist in the show (at least till fourth season). Entire story rotates around the iron throne and portrays the evil and cunning side of humanity.

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