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Dog having trouble sleeping at night, sound therapy for tinnitus download - Try Out

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If you use it as a punishment, you may find that your dog never grows accustomed to the crate as a relaxing and quiet place. Consider playing a new sport or activity like NoseWork, Rally, agility, tracking or Flyball with your dog.[3][4] New activities mean learning new skills for both of you. Some dogs are more anxious than others, so be patient and think about things from your dog’s perspective. Pain or needing to go outside to eliminate in the middle of the night can cause a pet to whine and be restless during the night. If you know that the dog has no need to go outside to eliminate and he starts to cry in the crate, don't take him out. If you are crate training your dog, it's a good idea to feed in the crate to create a positive association. You should let your dog outside in the morning in the afternoon and at night, unless there is a coyote outside or something equally dangerous. Put them on your bed (or somewhere where you don't mind having dog hair) and pet them in their favorite petting spot for a few minutes.

If you want your dog to sleep in a crate, but he isn't crate-trained it may take some time to get him used to the crate.[1] Do your research and be prepared to teach your dog that the crate is a good place. If this is an older dog that has been quiet and content before, try to determine if there is a medical problem.
Kong toys are a good way to feed your dog her meals and stimulate her brain at the same time.
The study also showed that most of the dogs allowed to sleep in beds were small, but 41 per cent were medium. If you and your dog are ready to get some sleep, make sure your dog has a routine established and a good sleep environment. Depending on your dog’s breed, age and fitness level, you may be able to tire him out in 30 minutes or 3 hours (or more).[2] You can exercise your dog at any time during the day that works with your schedule. Making sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise to the point of being tired is a great way to ensure a good night’s sleep for you two.
Talk to your veterinarian about any unexplained changes in your dog's behavior, including appetite, energy level and ability to move comfortably.

But, if your dog was quiet and several hours later starts crying, take him outside on a leash to give him a chance to urinate (or defecate).
Although, it's best to avoid a lot of activity the last hour or two before bedtime so that your dog has a chance to settle down. Talk to your vet about using an antihistamine like Benadryl to help settle your dog for a few nights during a transitional period. Try keeping the hour or so before bedtime nice and calm which will set the tone for the night’s sleep to come. A small change to you (like moving your bedroom furniture) may seem like a big deal to the dog.

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