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CALL TODAY La Jolla (858) 768-0454 San Diego (619) 569-1937 It is important to plan ahead when purchasing the Neuromonics Tinnitus treatment device.
CALL TODAY La Jolla (858) 768-0454 San Diego (619) 569-1937 Though Neuromonics Tinnitus treatment is more costly than some other options, it is well worth the money. IntroductionThe prevalence of tinnitus is significantly higher among hearing-impaired persons than in the normal-hearing population. Learn about an easy step-by-step process that will allow you to successfully manage patients with tinnitus. This course reviews a comprehensive process in working with patients who report severe cases of tinnitus. This course will focus on all the elements required in offering tinnitus management in your facility. When working with tinnitus patients, it is imperative that your referring physicians are educated in tinnitus therapy and proper referrals. For example, tinnitus often has a negative impact on a person’s physical and emotional well-being, causing increased stress levels, concentration problems, sleeping problems and reduced ability to hear.
In addition, several well-documented tinnitus therapies, some of which involve hearing aids, are currently available.A Novel Approach to Enticing People with Hearing Loss to Seek TreatmentThe stigma associated with tinnitus has not been investigated to the same extent as the stigma associated with hearing loss.
However, according to anecdotal reports, considerably less stigma is associated with tinnitus than with hearing loss. The campaign focused on the possibilities of achieving relief from the symptoms of tinnitus through hearing aid use rather than reducing hearing problems. The campaign offered a free trial of Widex CLEAR hearing aids with the Zen fractal tone feature to people with hearing impairment who were also suffering from tinnitus. Precisely how is unknown, but it may be that tinnitus is aggravated by silence, as the brain tries to compensate for the neural stimulation it is being deprived of due to the hearing loss.

Furthermore, 69% of these participants experienced a lesser degree of tinnitus annoyance when listening to fractal tones vs.
Sixty-eight percent also reported that negative expectations regarding the benefits and handling of hearing aids had influenced their decision not to buy hearing aids, and 39% reported stigma to be a reason. The proportion increased to 20% when they examined the subgroup with a severe degree of hearing loss. Similar findings were obtained in the MarkeTrak V (Kochkin, 2000) study, which is a large-scale investigation of the reasons why some hearing aids are not worn or used after purchase.
The campaign offered a free trial of Widex CLEAR hearing aids with the Zen feature for a period of four weeks to hearing-impaired people with tinnitus. There was also considerable interest from people with tinnitus with normal hearing, even though the advertisements specifically stated that prospective candidates must have a hearing loss to be included in the trial.SubjectsOf the roughly 200 hearing-impaired persons included in the trial, 50% did not own hearing aids. Given the low hearing aid adoption rates among hearing-impaired persons with tinnitus in the US reported by the Better Hearing Institute (Khalfa, Bella, Roy, Peretz, & Lupien, 2003), the fact that such a large proportion of the hearing-impaired tinnitus sufferers in the trial was perhaps not surprising.
Moreover, the vast majority had a relatively mild degree of hearing loss.Eighty percent of the non-owners were men and 20% were women.
Audiometric range for the participants in the trial (averaged across the left and right ears).Hearing instrumentsParticipants were fitted with wireless CLEAR440 (high-end) or CLEAR330 (mid-range) hearing aids (either the Passion (PA), Fusion (FS), m-CB (m-model with ClearBand), or 9 model) in accordance with their audiometric configurations and personal preferences. Participants were fitted with the Passion (PA), Fusion (FS), m-CB (m-model with ClearBand), or 9 models in the CLEAR440 (C4) or CLEAR330 (C3) hearing aid series.One of the unique features of the CLEAR hearing aid family is the availability of the InterEar-Zen program. When stress increases, the perception of tinnitus increases, and when tinnitus increases, stress increases.
SmartSpeak is a verbal messaging system which aims to make it easier for the users to control their hearing aid through verbal instructions recorded in the user’s native language. For example, SmartSpeak will alert the users when the battery is running low, and inform them of the program mode they are in when they change listening program.ResultsParticipants completed a questionnaire on their experiences with the Zen feature and the CLEAR hearing aid at the end of the four-week trial.

The results for the Zen feature indicated a high degree of satisfaction with the feature among the hearing aid candidates with tinnitus. The participants were asked to evaluate the sound quality of the hearing aid on a number of aspects, including naturalness of sound, occurrence of feedback, and quality of own voice. The hearing aid candidates were therefore asked to evaluate the CLEAR hearing aid’s effectiveness in a relatively optimal speech perception situation in quiet surroundings, as well as in one of the, for hearing-aid users, most challenging situations, when several people in a crowd are talking at once. The vast majority (74%) were satisfied or very satisfied with their own ability to determine where sound was coming from when wearing the CLEAR hearing aids.
Much effort has therefore been put into designing the CLEAR hearing aids to be user-friendly and straightforward to use. The results from the survey of trial participants (Figure 6) indicate that the hearing aid candidates did indeed find the hearing aids easy to manage.
Tinnitus treatment and the effectiveness of hearing aids: Hearing care professional perceptions. MarkeTrak VIII: The prevalence of tinnitus in the United States and the self-reported efficacy of various treatments. Effects of acoustical stimuli delivered through hearing aids on tinnitus.Journal of the American Academy of Audiology, 21(7), 461-473.

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