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The blood test is the first in the world that could give an early indicator of post-natal depression, and could dramatically reduce the 90,000 new mothers who suffer from symptoms of the disorder every year.
Those who have the genetic variations are unable to reset this imbalance after giving birth, making them more susceptible to the disorder.
A blood test that can tell if a pregnant woman is at risk of post-natal depression is being developed.
However, Dr Kaminsky believes the blood test will also be of value to the wider population. Carmine Pariante, of the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, said the blood tests were a ‘valuable’ development.
Experts hope that the test will be available within two years, with results showing it to be at least 85 per cent accurate in early trials carried out by psychiatrists The test spots two genes in DNA that may signal the onset of the condition, and could provide early warnings of the debilitating sadness, irritability, depression and loss of appetite that affect almost one in five new mothers within weeks of giving birth.

It is thought the test, which would cost around ?10, carried out before babies are born could identify and even prevent the condition in mothers who have the genetic variation.
A first-time mother from Staffordshire who took part in trials to test for post-natal depression has encouraged other pregnant women to undertake the simple test if it becomes fully available. Laura Ingram, 28, was approached by a team of doctors to participate in the research to identify a gene that can lead to the illness after medical staff saw in her pregnancy notes that she had a family history of depression.
The test was simple, she said, and was a case of giving an extra vial of blood while she was having other routine checks. Ms Ingham, from Tamworth, has not had her results but said she would encourage all expectant mothers to have the test if it becomes readily available. Prof Grammatopoulos tested some of these variations and has now isolated two variations specifically linked to PND, which are triggered by hormonal imbalances during pregnancy.

A test like this could be that way.’ His team pinpointed two genes which, when present in certain forms in pregnancy, seem to foretell the onset of depression. Blood tests on 52 mothers-to-be predicted the onset of post-natal depression with 85 per cent accuracy.Factoring in other information from the blood test increased the accuracy to 96 per cent in a small group of women, according to research published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry. And if they show resistance to being drugged up as a preventative, they’ll only have themselves to blame if PND does kick in.

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