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While not every laptop offers mSATA support, several popular models from 2011 do, including most Dell and Lenovo systems. Change the boot order in your BIOS setup menu and rank the mSATA drive higher than the hard drive.
Make sure that the mSATA drive is both the boot device and Windows drive by clicking View Settings in EasyBCD.
Your laptop should now boot off of the mSATA drive with its Windows partition showing as your C drive.
With the mSATA SSD, Windows 7 booted in just 30 seconds, a 25 percent improvement over its 40-second hard drive boot time. With the real-world performance improvements an mSATA SSD offers, you can spend less time waiting for your PC to complete tasks and more time getting things done. For some reason I was able to boot into my mSATA SSD on my Y500 without changing the drive letters in the HDD Windows installation.
I just replaced my 20GB msata in my Acer M5-481 with a 128MB msata and loaded win8 on it and used it as the boot drive.

I installed mSATA with the help of your article and my lenovo x220 tablet is running 40% faster now. I have just installed a new mSATA Crucial M550 256GB drive along with an older HDD in main HDD bay in my Thinkpad T430s (with Windows 8.1). What is more, the msata in Thinpad t430s (and 430) is slower than HDD bay (which is SATA3). Rename any the keys for any other partitions on the mSATA drive to reflect the drive letters the original partitions used on the hard drive. If you did everything correctly, the laptop will now boot off the mSATA drive, which will also be the C drive. The manual and everything I have found so far in searching has suggested that the msata slot for this model is mainly to be used as a cache drive, and Dell only confirms that 32gb msata drives will work. While the system was being restored to the msata drive, I took the old HDD and installed it in a USB enclosure. If you go for an msata drive and a big HDD in the main HDD bay, there is no point choosing the quickest msata ssd drive available, just take the cheapest one.

Fortunately, if your notebook has an mSATA slot, you can have the best of both worlds, a large hard drive for data storage and a speedy SSD boot drive for your operating system and programs. You can also check the service manual for your notebook or look at a list of mSATA-compatible notebooks such as the one maintained by My Digital Discount . I have not found anyone yet who has confirmed that the procedure described in this article will work with the Dell 17r 5720 and with a drive larger than 32gb. After finishing cloning process, i would simply format HDD, insert my mSATA and HDD to my notebook and boot windows from mSATA. If you use the mSATA solid state drive as a bootable device, its reliability is not guaranteed.). Removed the old drive, reboot, was able the system with mSATA, added back the old drive to system, format the drive and use it for storage.

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