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Veronica Roth wrote her first novel Divergent’ while still pursuing a Bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University. Many reviewers, who have had a chance of reviewing the book, admit that the style used provides a quick prose and a fast paced reading experience. We have updated the file, there is a new divergent epub version of Allegiant and Insurgent. Being divergent, unlike the other initiates, Tris realizes that she can use the simulation to her advantage.

In this stage, whether the initiates are divergent or not, they must be in a position to simulate the skills previously learnt to the situation at hand. However Tri’s divergence made here successful and admirable because she became literate in broad set of information and knowledge.
And upon receiving the results, they are free to decide on whether to stay on that faction or shift to a new one. This book shows the pressure associated with having to choose between doing something new or following the footsteps of your parents.

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