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Medical history, your current and past these abnormalities include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hyperlipidemia because of the multifactorial nature.


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It has been appreciated for a very long time that there is a complex relationship between thyroid disease, body weight and metabolism. A typical kidney disease syndrome would be experiencing a burning sensation during urination. An important function of the kidney is to expel toxic substances and excess fluid from the body and when it fails to perform this discharging function the excess fluid accumulates in your face, feet, ankles and hands causing swelling of these parts. The same toxic products that accumulate in the blood stream will result in nausea, loss of appetite and an urge to vomit if the kidneys fail to expel them properly. Change in both the volume of urine discharged and the urge to urinate frequency are indicators of kidney disorder. A hormone called erythropoietin is manufactured inside the kidneys contributes to red blood cell production, deficiency of which causes anemia.
Emitting urine like stench in breath may be an indication of kidney disorder that results in an imbalance in the level of ammonia in the saliva and hence the urine like stench in breath.
Kidney disorder is associated with anemia that will manifest by giving you an unusual cold feeling along with fits of fever even when the surrounding environmental temperature is high. Polycystic kidney disease leads to an inflammation in the wall of the bladder and that could be very painful. Breathlessness caused by kidney disorder is the combined effect of deprivation of sufficient oxygen in body cells due to anemia and accumulation of fluid in the lungs.
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If any organ in our bodies becomes dysfunctional, in this case the liver, the body will try to protect itself and compensate by pumping excess blood to the organ, which often leads to unexplained weakness, confusion, impaired judgment, or trouble concentrating, severe energy loss, and a sudden inability to participate in social activities that were once enjoyed. The pathophysiology of liver disease-related fatigue often presents with additional neuropsychiatric symptoms, which typically develop over a compressed period of time. Meditation is the practice of sitting still and breathing in a controlled manner for extended periods of time.

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Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disorder, which affects the thyroid gland causing it to become overactive. If your thyroid does not produce enough T3 and T4, you have what is called hypothyroidism, which results in uncontrollable weight gain, fatigue, depression, and other issues. Many people are surprised to learn that fatigue is aggravated by this form of thyroid disease.
If undetected, it will cause irreparable damage to your pair of vital organs entrusted with the responsibility of throwing out urine from your body.
This happens when the kidney fails to discharge its duty of cleansing the blood of toxins and useless end products of food absorbed by our body.
However, the accumulation of excessive fatty tissue can lead to severe liver damage—including inflammation and scarring. Researchers also speculate that changes in brain chemistry and hormone production contribute to feelings of fatigue and exhaustion.
These symptoms can include problems like depression and anxiety, which may be worsened by changes in your body’s ability to produce serotonin, an important mood regulator.
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In Graves disease, the body creates antibodies against the receptor on the thyroid gland, the antibodies then act like a normal hormone in the body (the thyroid stimulating hormone) and excite the thyroid gland. This gland is located in the neck and is responsible for basic metabolic function within the human body.

Kidney diseases are like an extinct volcano, and you won’t know when it would erupt after a long sleep putting your health in extreme jeopardy. From the tract, the pain will travel to your kidneys and it will gradually spread to your back. The most common reason for the development of fatty liver disease is obesity—with obese individuals increasing their chances of developing the condition by about 75-percent. Serotonin production can diminish in patients with fatty liver disease, leading to noticeable changes in mood.
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It is imperative we recognize the symptoms early and act accordingly to save our kidneys from future damage.Here are the 12 symptoms that could spell disaster to your pair of kidneys. This irregular urinating capacity and urge symptom usually intensifies during the night time. Although a fatty diet and weight gain is the main culprit, diabetes (or insulin resistance), hyperlipidemia (or elevated lipids in the blood), and alcohol abuse (with 90 to 100-percent of binge drinkers contracting fatty livers) will also increase the chances.
However, the root cause of these problems is frequently misdiagnosed, as clinicians may not immediately attribute them to liver problems.

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