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Depressive disorder nec definition, sudden tinnitus and hearing loss - Try Out

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Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.
Somewhere along the way you probably learned about manic-depressive illness: episodes of mania, and episodes of severe depression. Even the International Society for Bipolar Disorders has advocated a change in diagnostic procedure, moving beyond the DSM, using what we’ve learned in the last decade. Point A on the continuum describes people who have a complex depression but who still respond well to antidepressant medication or psychotherapy. Some mood disorder experts consider depression that occurs repeatedly to have a high likelihood of having a manic phase at some pointFawcett, especially if the first depression occurred before age twenty.
Many people with depression go through phases in which even they can recognize that their anger is completely out of proportion to the circumstance that started it.

Finally, there are people with depression whose most noticeable symptom is severe insomnia. Here’s the list of items which are found with bipolar disorder more often than you would expect by chance alone. The patient has had repeated episodes of major depression (four or more; seasonal shifts in mood are also common). The patient has had psychosis (loss of contact with reality) during an episode of depression. Finally, the original intent of this list was to help people identify symptoms that mark the beginning of another episode of depression.
That diagnosis means you have something that looks like bipolar disorder but does not meet the criteria for BP II or BP I.

But it might help to see what people with bipolar disorder have said about their experience.
Many people have the odd experience of feeling the depression actually improve with antidepressants, yet overall —perhaps even months later —they somehow feel worse overall.

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