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Teens and DepressionA depression disorder is such a disease that affects the mood,behavior and thoughts.
Treatment of DepressionThe best treatment of the teenage depression is Teen Therapy by agood and professional therapist or psychologist. Symptoms of adult depression are like a masked to share the sadness, adults may show sate of being bored & usually suffer from irritability or may involved in risky activities. Depression can’t be easily diagnosis , but physiologic testing might be helpful in difficult presentations. Play Therapy for young children and Talk Therapy with an experienced therapist for older children and teens can be helpful.
Family members and friends often feel hopeless when a loved one is suffering from depression. Below are some ideas inspired by the resource at HealthLinkBC.ca and from my personal experience as an adult battling depression. I think that one of the biggest risk factors for anyone struggling with depression is the inability to imagine a future different from the present misery. It is extremely important that you take all threats of suicide seriously and seek immediate treatment for your child or teenager. As I said at the start of this post, my journey battling a genetic chemical imbalance began in my late teen years and I’m still winding my way up the hill as my 40th birthday peaks around the corner.

Sage Day says, “Typically, our students have been diagnosed as suffering from depression, school phobia, school avoidance, anxiety disorder and other issues. As a long-time sufferer of depression and as a mother myself, I sincerely hope you never have to struggle with the beast of mental illness either yourself or as a parent. It is heartbreaking and can make us feel very guilty that our genetics could bring depression to our children.
And yes, I think depression is a huge issue for so many people and is too often hidden and kept secret. Without proper treatment, the symptoms canlast for months or even years.A study by experts shown that 5% of all teenagers is suffering fromdepressive disorder.
It is the completeresponsibility of the parents or sometimes teachers to find out thesolution for their teen’s problems. Bad mood in not only the symptom of depression , it may accompanied by other mental issues such as eating disorders, anxiety, unable to relax.
Symptoms of depression varying from class to class, symptoms of depression in high class teenagers are low self-esteem, decrease in value of popularity, Compete with peers in luxury items, teenagers from poor families may depressed by less support by parents, Carrier problems, low slandered life, decrease in resources etc.
Factors which caused by depression include commit suicide with in few months, disorders of mood also indication of attomption at suicide, excessive alcohol etc.
Thankfully, so far my 5 and 7 year-old girls are happy and not displaying any symptoms of depression.

Preschoolers, school-age youngsters and teenagers all can get seriously and dangerously depressed and the signs may differ depending on their age. If you are a child or teen and have these feelings, talk with your parents, an adult friend, or your doctor right away to get some help. Unfortunately, only 20% of them are properlytreated.The symptoms of depression or othermental illnesses in young people can bedifferent from the adults. Teenage is a time of emotional confusion, surprised mood, dark thoughts & high degree of sensitivity. These symptoms cause disruptive behavior, suicide, damage themselves, lose friends & supporters. Depression runs rampant in my gene pool hitting many of my family and even causing my grandmother to kill herself before I had the chance to meet her. People or children, who are in depression face serious difficulties or problems in school, college also in family & personal adjustment.

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