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Women who take the most widely prescribed type of contraceptive pill may be less likely to suffer depression.
The researchers who carried out the study say that doctors should use caution in prescribing progestogen-only pills because of these potential side effects.In the new study, in the Journal of Affective Disorders, psychiatrists from universities in Australia and Norway, including Melbourne and Bergen, looked at Pill use and the prevalence of mood disorder in women aged 20 to 50.
New research shows that those taking the combined Pill – which contains the hormones oestrogen and progestogen (of which progesterone is the most commonly known form) – were two-thirds less likely to develop a mood disorder, but those using progestogen-only contraceptive pills were three times more likely to have a mental illness than women who were not on any medication. Progestogen is known to act on the brain chemical glutamate, and research has shown that higher than usual levels of the chemical are found in the brains of patients with bipolar disorder and major depression. I have heard from too many people who have relayed horrendous stories of how their doctors have dealt with their depression.If they get even a half way sensitive and understanding reaction then they are fortunate indeed.

As mine did.So it is that I am not impressed, to put it mildly, to see the new report that bangs on about how much the financial tally of depression is harming our country. Alas, we appear to be trapped in something of a depression epidemic and it is getting worse with each advancing year.The problem, of course, is that our ignorance about depression is far-reaching. I have self medicated with alcohol at the peak of my depression (I drank to obliterate the unhappiness and deep lows I felt) but I have not had tablets to tackle my problems.I know people who take anti-depressants, people who are extremely close to me.
And, seeing as depression is a psycholgical illness, the holes in our knowledge become bigger and more plainly obvious.I would like to say at this juncture (should they be reading) we have two brilliant family doctors and they both understand psychological and emotional needs as much as physical ones but I don't pretend they are common practice. I don't judge those who take medication, I view people as more individualistic than that and our needs vary, but that was not my route for dealing with depression.For me, I knew that my problems were sufficiently extensive that I needed to get to the bottom of them.

My sixth sense told me that she was extremely ill.And that, quite naturally, was when I believe my depression kicked it. For me, she has proved to be my saviour.Ever since she was born I have not suffered from depression. Despite great strides made in male awareness with psychological issues, women with depression are four times more likely to seek help than men with depression.

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