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Depression in mental health workers, tinnitus relief pillow - Within Minutes

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Every year, about one in four Americans experiences a mental health issue such as depression, addiction, or posttraumatic stress.
Thirty-eight percent of workers reported they wouldn’t tell a manager if they had a mental health issue. Responses to questions about how workers would react if a colleague had a mental health issue suggest mixed views on mental health. I am so fortunate to work in the medical field where I think that there is probably a little better understanding of mental health issues than there may be at other jobs.
But they are showing signs of depression now," says P Satish Chandra, director, NIMHANS, one of India's largest psychiatric and counselling centres. These conditions often necessitate time off from work to focus on treatment and well-being, but telling your boss you have a mental health condition isn’t always easy.
This suggests that employer policies that educate about mental health and provide support to those with mental health concerns could help undermine workplace mental health stigma.

Sixty-four percent of respondents said they’d be concerned if a colleague had a mental health issue. So yes, I would feel comfortable with talking to my direct manager if there was an issue going on that I felt like I was having trouble handling, even if this involved my mental health situation.
Always seek the advice of your physician or qualified mental health provider with any questions you may have regarding any mental health symptom or medical condition.
In the past six months, more and more IT executives are coming in with problems of acute depression, insecurity, low confidence, dejection, aversion to social life and panic. The surveys asked participants if they would tell a manager if they experienced a mental health issue.
Thirty percent believed that sharing mental health issues was unnecessary, claiming that mental health concerns wouldn’t necessarily affect their work. Such stigma may discourage people from seeking treatment, increase anxiety, and even lead to discrimination against those with mental health issues.

Forty percent of these respondents highlighted concerns about the way mental health issues might affect workplace safety and employee reliability. Researchers also inquired as to whether participants were concerned that a colleague with a mental health issue might not be able to perform his or her job well.
Others cited concerns about losing friends or bad experiences others had when sharing a mental health issue with a manager.
Sameer Malhotra, head at Max Healthcare's Mental Health and Behavioural Science department in Delhi, says roughly a third of his patients are techies.
Similarly, Satish Sen (name changed), a professional with six years' experience, slipped into depression as soon as his project shut down and he was put on the bench.

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