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The most common disorders today: depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, alcohol abuse, attention disorders, self-injury and eating disorders. A recent survey conducted by the American College Counseling Association found that 44% of students seeking counseling already had diagnosed psychiatric disorders. These disorders -- binge eating, anorexia nervosa, and bulimia -- are not simply bad habits.
But 44 percent in counseling have severe psychological disorders, up from 16 percent in 2000, and 24 percent are on psychiatric medication, up from 17 percent a decade ago. Hwang, a clinical psychologist who became director in July 2009, has dealt with the squeeze by limiting counseling sessions to 10 per student and referring some, especially those needing long-term treatment for eating disorders or schizophrenia, to off-campus providers. A Black Women and Trauma therapy group last semester included participants from Africa, suffering post-traumatic stress disorder from violence in their youth. Many people with binge eating disorder say that stress, anxiety, depression, or boredom can trigger a binge. Binge Eating Symptom: GuiltIt's common for someone with binge eating disorder to feel guilty, ashamed, or depressed after a binge.

Guilt and shame cause many people with binge eating disorder to hide the behavior, which can make it harder to diagnose. Binge Eating Symptom: Weight ChangeIt's not uncommon for someone with binge eating disorder to have weight fluctuations because of attempts to diet between bingeing episodes. Diagnosing Binge Eating DisorderMost binge eaters hide their overeating, even from close family members, so getting a diagnosis can be difficult.
Diagnosis may also include a physical exam and a discussion of eating patterns, medical history, and family history. Treating Binge Eating DisorderSuccessful treatment may come from a combination of approaches. Talking with a therapist -- particularly cognitive behavioral therapy -- can help to change unhealthy eating habits and thinking patterns. They may portion their food carefully, eat very small amounts of restricted foods, count calories, or weigh food before eating it. People with this illness may simply move food around the plate without actually eating anything.

A doctor may run tests to rule out other diseases before confirming a diagnosis of anorexia.
Suicide Warning SignsPeople with anorexia may also be struggling with depression, anxiety, or substance abuse -- and may think about suicide. Bulimia Symptom: Eating and PurgingA person with bulimia eats large amounts of food very quickly and then compensates by throwing up, taking pills to have a bowel movement (laxatives), or exercising excessively. It's common for people with bulimia to struggle with depression, anxiety, or substance abuse.
Talk and SupportIf you think a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, don't hesitate to talk about it.
Nutritional counseling and therapy can help the person establish healthy eating habits and develop a better relationship with food and eating.

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