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For Some time now I have posted much about the research that is being done to combat Alzheimer’s Disease and although it can not help those who suffer, like yesterday, the research can still be seen as a light at the end of the tunnel.
Chocolate, chocolate and still more chocolate, but not the milk chocolate most all of us love. Fresh fruit, among other foods, would be considered a good source of vitamin C and the vitamin has for many years been thought good for helping to alleviate symptoms of the common cold. Back in May 2012 saw the University of South Carolina publish a paper based on a five year study suggesting how a two and a half hour walk, spread across the course of a full week, could reduce the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) by a quarter percent.

New research in to Major Depressive Disorder indicates that memory loss and concentration problems caused by the condition may stop the growth of nerve connections forming. As if it isn’t enough to know mental health problems are on the increase here in the United Kingdom (UK), new research points a finger at young children between the ages of 2 and 6 years. This time a research team from the University of California believe they have found that sleep deprivation (lack of sleep) over time shows an increase in abnormal proteins (known as beta-amyloid plaques) which may have a direct link to memory loss one of the earlier symptoms of Alzheimer’s.
I have posted much (all good) over the years about the benefit of dark chocolate and yet again it would seem to be another plus for the lovers of this particular kind of chocolate.

US researchers analysed brain tissue from patients who had died and had been diagnosed with the disorder found inactivity in genes known as synapses. It would appear on the face of it scientists from the University of Mexico say these fruits could be a front line defence for those who suffer depression.

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