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Depression and anxiety, cure for somatic tinnitus - For You

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Depression and anxiety can be thought of as symptom of a larger problem, a sign that something is not right. You may have struggled with this for many years and it’s my guess that you have done your best to work with it. Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding the treatment of depression and anxiety. Your depression may also appear so vast and unmoving that hopelessness sets in and you find yourself struggling with the fear that you may never emerge from this deep dark fog.
After several months of therapy, or in sever cases of anxiety and depression, I often refer clients to a consulting physician to evaluate if medication could be an effective part of healing.

There have been times when I could see very little reason to go on living and moments where I had to come to terms with just how much my anxiety was damaging my body. When the messages of your symptoms are listened to and honored, instead of brushed away in favor of an easy fix, deep and long lasting change can take place.
Therapy can help identify and transform many of the underlying causes of your symptoms and lead to a long lasting change. However, unless your depression is addressed this challenge will continue and the weight will remain.
I have seen many people who, just like you, didn’t believe things could change and discovered that they can and will if you simply stay with it.

By taking a step toward healing through therapy you can actually begin to empty your backpack, and the things that once felt like drudgery can begin to lighten up, and ease can return to your life.

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