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Experiments done on SAE 3130 steel specimens under completely reversed stress at 655 MPa show that a uniform and smooth surface does have positive influence on the fatigue life.
Since the fatigue life is closely related to the condition of surface, many researchers devote their effort to surface treatments. Hot rolling can also cause decarburiztion (loss of surface carbon atoms), a damaging lose regarding the fatigue life. Carburizing and nitriding produce higher strength and hardness at the surface and thus improves fatigue life. In summary, cold rolling and shoot peening which introduce compress residual stress at the surface have positive impacts on the fatigue lives, especially favorable for low-stress long-cycle components. Thermal fatigue can be catergorized into thermal loading, high temperature, and low temperature fatigue.

To reduce the fatigue of fretting, one may eliminate the relative motion or reduce the coefficient of friction between mating parts. Experiments done on carbon steel alloy found that the diameter of steel rod does affect the fatigue life when the rod is under axial (tension-compression) loading. Critically stressed volume is defined as the volume near the surface of the specimen that is stressed to at least 95% of max. Generally speaking, treatments that produce compress residual stress at the surface have positive impact on the fatigue life and vise versa.
The cracks in brittle materials propagate more rapidly than in ductile materials which worson the fatigue life. The intercrystalline creep failure more likely occures than transcrystalline fatigue failure under high temperature environments.

To reduce the fatigue of wearing, sufficient lubricaiton and higher precision in mating parts are beneficial. Nevertheless, forging can cause decarburiztion (loss of surface carbon atoms) which is harmful to fatigue life.
Cold rolling produces compress residual stress layer on the surface such that postpone the cracks propergate from the surface and extend the fatigue life.

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