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Dealing with depression at work, home remedies for depression during pregnancy - How to DIY

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A few weeks ago I found out I am expecting my third child and every since my body has started revolting into depression mode.
If you need Imediate Help with your Depression please call the Depression Hotline, it’s a free call and you can speak to a counselor right away.
I also went through some depression earlier this year when faced with problems that I was not comfortable sharing with friends or family.
Work at Home (WAH) Adventures is a 5 year old blog that has been featured on top business sites and in magazines such as Parents. We would love to know how depression has affected your life and how you deal or are dealing with it.

I think as a work at home community talking about depression is important because a lot of us suffer from it.
Plus, it’s best to keep tabs on depression at all times because it can get out of control fast. Depression was not something I could discuss with friends or family because they did not understand. When you work at home you are already prone to some depression, just because you are not interacting on a regular basis with people and you do not naturally get out as much. Eventually, I was able to get my life back on track and out of the slump mood I was in but it took taking breaks from work more frequently – as you mentioned -, going out to do things instead of just sitting at home sulking, hiring a nanny for a few hours a week to help me out with my other children, and doing little things for myself.

Depression is something that is very real yet a lot of people fail to realize this until they are actually experiencing it themselves.

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