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Cyclothymia symptoms uk, how do i stop the ringing in my ears after a concert - Within Minutes

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Firstly, I am not a doctor or an authority on Cyclothymia and everything I say here must be viewed taking that into account, I just hope I may be of some help to someone. I am cyclothymic, which means I have a "condition" similar to but not as severe as Bi-polar Disorder (Manic-depression), that affects my moods. In 2000, after years of ups and downs, ruined relationships and wrecked careers I had what might be called "an episode" or maybe a "nervous breakdown" and I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia.

I do realise that I've only just came off Valproate, so a lot of the bad things above may not necessarily be side-effects, and could be symptoms of withdrawal. These things ran round my head causing confusion and conflict like nothing before until eventually, I had to accept that I had all the symptoms and past history of a condition labelled cyclothymia, I was correctly diagnosed and the condition was affecting my life in a negative manner.
The people that everyone would refer to as lunatics are as far away from cyclothymics as they are from any other "normal" member of society.

Cyclothymia does not, repeat NOT fall into a mental health category that threatens the safety of the general public.

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