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Curing depression with a party drug, cure tinnitus permanently & naturally - Test Out

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The World Health Organization estimates that 350 million people globally suffer from depression. Ketamine is typically used to as an anesthetic on animals, but in recent years it has moved into the party scene and has even been used as a date-rape drug.
As a party drug it is extremely dangerous as it can increase the heart rate and blood pressure, cause hallucinations and can even be fatal. They found that 29 percent of patients in the study noticed a significant improvement in their mood, and even 4 out of the 28 patients were completely free from depression after their last dose. In January, researchers from Houston's Ben Taub General Hospital announced their groundbreaking research into a new drug-based treatment for depression. For someone who has been on antidepressants for over 15 years for major depression this is good and bad news for me. I feel for you Andrew and very much hope a better treatment, such as this, becomes available sooner rather than later.I went through a number of years suffering pretty severe depression and the medications approved for treatment are so hit and miss as to be a joke, GP's and psychiatrists can be extremely whimsical on results and one eyed on the whole traditional antidepressant treatment regime. It's a general anesthetic, a form of pain relief, a party drug and now potentially a treatment for mental illness. 0 “If you take a hundred people with severe depression, 60 per cent are adequately covered by antidepressants. According to the Black Dog Institute, three million Australians are living with depression or anxiety.
Ketamine has been a known drug for over half a century, but first came in to prominence as a general anesthetic during the Vietnam War, and is on The World Health Organisation’s list of essential medicines. Brooks is the founder of NY Ketamine Infusions, one of the first practices in the United States using ketamine to treat depression.
Mr Hartman spent decades working through a roster of medical and therapeutic treatments for depression.
Since discovering this treatment, Dennis has become an advocate, establishing and running the Ketamine Advocacy Network which aims to spread awareness of the treatment and connect potential patients with doctors who provide it. In Australia there is far less awareness, with only Aura making it widely available to the public from their Sydney and Melbourne clinics.

Ketamine is currently approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration for use as a general anesthetic and for complex neuropathic pain, but its use as a treatment for depression remains experimental.
Professor Loo does not believe the treatment is yet at the level required for use outside the parameters of a clinical trial.
Barrett believes that despite the drug’s experimental status, it should be available to the public. There’s now been over 30 studies in the US, and they’re unanimous that ketamine works in 70 per cent of cases of resistant depression. The clinic has been wracked with controversy, as former patients have claimed that they were not asked for a referral from a previous general practitioner or psychiatrist, were only assessed very briefly prior to receiving treatment, and were not adequately monitored during the course of the treatment.
Hartman is aware of the risks involved in taking an experimental drug, but firmly believes that the benefits outweigh them. But researchers from the Oxford Health NHS Foundation and the University of Oxford have used the drug to treat patients suffering from depression. As usual it is the reporter not the medical physcian saying these illigal drugs are dangerous. Using ketamine to treat depression has been studied for two decades but has only become available to the public a few years ago.
Until recently, he was also the consulting medical director of the controversial Aura Medical Clinic, which has been prescribing ketamine to treat refractory (the medical term for treatment-resistant) depression since October of last year. Ketamine helps regenerate connections between brain cells that have been damaged by stress and depression.
While he has used the drug for decades for anesthesia and the relief of complex neuropathic pain, his recent work with depressed patients is partly inspired by losing a son to suicide at the age of 18 in 1999. He had suffered from major refractory depressive disorder his entire life, associated with post-traumatic stress disorder which was the result of a childhood of abuse. While he was waiting for his date, he heard of an experimental trial using ketamine to treat depression and PTSD.
We were seeing people who had been depressed for 10 years who hadn’t got well with other treatments, had tried multiple medications, had a lot of psychological counseling.

If you have a really big night out on LSD or Ecstasy, you can easily wind up dead… A slight but subtle difference, maybe I should smoke some drugs, then I will be able to see a clear link between the legal and illegal drugs as you obviously do. Doses for depression are approximately 1 per cent of a recreational dose and 0.02 per cent of a general anesthetic dose.
The kind of people as a clinical psychiatrist you think ‘this is going to be a challenge, because if other people haven’t been able to do it in 10 years, I’m not going to be able to do it overnight,’ but we found with ketamine we were literally able to do it overnight.
We don’t know enough about it to let everyone start prescribing it, we’ve got to proceed with care. Rupert McShane from Oxford Health warned that people suffering from depression should not self-medicate. We have the second highest use of anti-depressants in the OECD, with 89 in every thousand people being prescribed medication for daily use.
Used in both human and veterinary science as an anaesthetic agent, it's also taken recreationally among drug users who seek out its dissociative, euphoric and hallucinatory effects.A completely separate class of medication to traditional antidepressants, which work on serotonin or adrenaline, ketamine works on the glutamate receptor system and presents an exciting paradigm shift in the treatment of depression. Whereas traditional antidepressants can be a bit hit and miss with only 30-40 per cent of patients responding to the initial prescribed medication and dosage, ketamine studies are showing early success rates of more than double that. The obsession with illicit drugs appears to be based on their other effects, and with marijuana, yes, I also get a high from it - how evil! Another similar study by Roche on the drug Decoglurant is due to be released later this year.Carlos Zarate from the NIMH found that ketamine's fast action means it can be used to treat people who have attempted suicide far quicker than anything that came before. Researchers plan to study how the drug works on suicidal people and begin clinical trials to find out how it affects the brain.The Samaritans provides a free support service for those who need to talk to someone. Electroconvulsive therapy has so far been the only effective tool to help combat clinical depression in patients who haven't responded to medication. Though that could be as soon as a few years away, she says researchers need to see if it has a long-lasting response before it can be marketed as a useful tool in the treatment of clinical depression.

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