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Medical history, your current and past these abnormalities include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, hyperlipidemia because of the multifactorial nature.


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NOW THEN: Whoever wants to heal tinnitus must first accept the fact that tinnitus itself does not exist in a vacuum without causal relationships. One model for understanding diseases within a specific context is traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). In my opinion (which is based upon practical experience), tinnitus can be retraced to this one source in at least 60 % of all cases.
For example, tinnitus may also be caused by kidney weaknesses that have developed within an organism resulting from other diseases, or from stress, wrong nutrition and the abuse of alcohol and medical drugs. A thorough medical history of the patient plus a clinical examination are necessary in order to recognise such patterns involving tinnitus. Basically, any functional disturbance can be appropriately treated within its own specific context.
Ear acupuncture is especially suited for use in emergency medical procedures due to its quick and precise access to biochemical interactions in the body. My practical work with treatment lines has reconfirmed that indeed, when virulent, all points occurring on such lines can be assigned to a specific disease.
To illustrate this, I would like to describe two cases of tinnitus and their treatment via the ear. Aside from these, there are also a number of prescription medications which can cause damage to the inner ears, resulting in tinnitus. Identifying your inner ear problem will be very helpful to the acupuncturist who will conduct the procedure for you. Acupuncture treatment revolves around the principle of inserting needles gently into the skin.

During a treatment session, an acupuncturist observes a patient carefully, taking note of pulse rates asking the patient about certain physical changes and feelings of discomfort.
Depending on the acupuncturist, certain Chinese medicinal herbs may be applied to the needles before they are inserted into the skin. Again, since acupuncture tinnitus treatment is a supplementary treatment, it would be wrong to say that it can totally eliminate the symptoms of ringing in the ears.
The actual problem then is simply that healing is difficult without knowing which factors are causing the disease.
Accordingly, the results are lumbago, cold and painful knees, dizziness, hypo-thyroidism and tinnitus (among other things). Peczely originally taught (as is still being taught today) that certain symptoms within the iris could be associated with certain organic disorders. Various withdrawal programmes designed to manage alcohol abuse, other drug or medicinal drug abuse, smoking, and food craving, for example, enable therapists to confront individual situations of addicted patients.
NOGIER had emphasised in his early publications that pertinent causal connections of a given disease were also visible within the energy lines of the ear in addition to the several respective organ or organ system points. This is the basis for the far-reaching therapeutic implications that exist in ear acupuncture. During the day it is comprised of a whizzing sound connected with a feeling as though the ears were blocked. Some of those who suffer from serious tinnitus are unable to sleep properly, cannot concentrate properly, and even fall into psychological distress.
This alternative treatment option is often administered in Asia to treat a variety of illnesses, symptoms, and feelings general discomfort, including tinnitus.

Tinnitus may also be the result of a traumatic accident, such as a concussion or a blow to the head. Patients report feeling very relaxed after a session, adding that acupuncture gives them an overall feeling of wellness. Because it is a supplement, the acupuncture treatment can only be beneficial to you if you know what the source of the tinnitus is.
However, when it comes to tinnitus, such insights are invaluable resources that go even beyond the subject of the ear. Based upon the topography of the eye, phenomena associated with the constitution of the iris plus the symptoms, structures and pigmentations included in eye diagnostics all serve to open the possibility of discovering causes of a particular disease and its probable course, and to recognise its disposition. The balancing and relaxing effect of ear acupuncture is also welcomed in geriatrics and the treatment of older persons. Sometimes even vertigo, poor circulation, and other causes of imbalance in the ears are associated with tinnitus. This will help the acupuncturist know where to strategically insert the acupuncture needles into your skin for a desired effect. Since tinnitus affects the ears, be ready for some insertions of needles at various points in the ear. However, major causal relationships within the body’s system can result in sudden deafness and such interactions are not always easy to understand.

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