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Insomnia During Pregnancy – Can’t get comfortable, have to run to the bathroom constantly, very enthusiastic and anxious about the arrival of their baby and happy because any pregnant woman said it was difficult to sleep. What Causes Insomnia – Insomnia can be caused by psychiatric and medical conditions, specific substances, unhealthy sleep habits, and certain biological factors. There are many medical conditions, some minor and others more serious, which can cause insomnia. Drugs such as that taken for colds and nasal allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease, thyroid disease, birth control, asthma, and depression can also cause insomnia.
Other sleep disorders associated with insomnia sleep breathing apnea.A people with sleep apnea, be partially or completely obstructed during sleep, causing breathing to stop and drop in oxygen levels. Sleep problems may be a symptom of depression, and the risk of severe insomnia were significantly higher in patients with major depressive disorder. In some cases, insomnia can be caused by certain neurotransmitters in the brain known to be involved with sleep and wakefulness. There are many possible chemical interactions in the brain that can interfere with sleep and may explain why some people are biologically prone to insomnia and seemed to struggle with sleep for years with no identifiable cause and even when they follow the advice of healthy sleep.
Changing your sleep habits and addressing the underlying causes of insomnia, such as medical conditions or medications, can restore restful sleep for many people. During pregnancy you'll find that your body seems to be trying to interfere with your ability to get quality sleep no matter what you think will work for you night after night. Exercising right: Some experts believe that exercising too close to bedtime can interfere with your natural sleep cycle and rob you of your healthy sleep during pregnancy. If your baby is keeping you up with its kicks, you can try rubbing your belly where they are being active and see if this helps them to calm down, sometimes knowing that you're there can help calm the baby down, but it can also have the opposite effect where they kick even more trying to get more attention from you.
But if you're having trouble sleeping during this trimester and it's not related to physical discomfort, then you might be battling it out with your mind. Ever been told that restless leg syndrome isn't real, oh yeah, these are your problems now, pains or discomfort that your mind sees fit to torture you with.

Sign up for a class to curtail your anxiety, apprehensions and fears about labour, delivery, baby care, or breastfeeding, you can enroll yourself to a class. Worrying about your baby: Every mom-to-be is anxious about her baby’s health and the bigger responsibilities that may come with bringing the baby into this world. COMMENTEMAILMOREThere's nothing like a good night's sleep, but millions of people in this country struggle with insomnia, at least occasionally.They may have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or both.
It is not surprising that 8 out of 10 women suffer from insomnia and other sleep problems during pregnancy because a lot of physical and emotional changes that occur. Between any anxiety you may feel about the birth of a baby, the fact that you are tossing and turning all night (it was not easy to sleep with watermelon), the fact that your sleep is interrupted by the need to urinate, no wonder you feel as if you do not sleep during pregnancy at all.
Talk with a friend or your partner that you have a nagging fear that keeps you awake at night, they might provide a solution. More recently, researchers have begun to think about insomnia as a matter of the brain is not able to stop being awake (brain have sleep-wake cycle and cycle-when someone else powering off).
Unhealthy lifestyle and sleep habits can cause insomnia alone (without medical or psychiatric problems underlying), or they can make insomnia caused by other problems worse. If the habit of unhealthy lifestyle and sleep is the cause of insomnia, there are cognitive behavioral techniques and sleep health tips that can help. If these measures do not work, your doctor may recommend medications to help with relaxation and sleep. Also called paradoxical intention, this treatment for insomnia study aims to reduce fears and anxiety about being able to get to sleep with to get in bed and try to stay awake rather than expecting it to fall asleep.
Muscle relaxation, biofeedback and progressive respiratory exercise is a way to reduce anxiety at bedtime.
This means limiting the time you spend awake in bed and connect your bed and sleep with sleep and sex only. These hormones increase your blood circulation by around30-50% making your kidneys to work overtime with the extra fluid ending up in your bladder.

By cutting back on these in the evenings, can help prevent frequent trips to the bathroom and providing you with the much needed sound sleep. The extra line of tissues in your neck and throat due to your heavy weight (if you have) and the one you would gain during your pregnancy can lead to sleep apnea where you may briefly stop breathing and then wake up with a gasp or snort. However, if you can’t manage to catch up with good sleep by following these tips, then talk to your obstetrician or your therapeutic doctor. Insomnia can start with the challenge of trying to sleep in a loud hotel room, struggling with arthritis or dealing with a death in the family. You can change it with a light meal or a glass of milk (warm it if you like, can help you get to sleep) and wheat muffins, or some dried apricots and cheese sticks. And insomnia may be a problem with one part of this cycle: too little encouragement to sleep or waking up too many drives. Insomnia itself can lead to mood swings, and a shift in hormones and physiology may cause psychiatric problems and insomnia both at the same time. In this case, if people begin to adopt unhealthy sleep habits like waking up in the middle of the night to work, or drink alcohol before bed to compensate, insomnia can continue and potentially turn into a more serious problem. If you have tried to change the behavior of your sleep and it does not work, it is important to take this seriously and talk with your doctor. Behavioral therapy is generally recommended as a first line treatment for patients with insomnia. With all that extra heat due to hot flashes your body is generating, you may want to turn down the thermostat.

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