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ShareYawning is a reflex action which is usually an indication of tiredness, sleepiness or even boredom. Short afternoon naps can be helpful for the elderly but should not disrupt the normal sleeping pattern at night. Among the most frequent causes of sleepiness and fatigue in the population are depression, obesity, diabetes, smoking, and inadequate sleep at night (3). Another part of the story is that many conditions associated with sleepiness (including obesity, diabetes, short sleep duration and even sleep apnea ) are associated with increased levels of substances known as inflammatory markers (6). Sleep disorders in the elderly involve any disrupted sleep pattern, such as problems falling or staying asleep, too much sleep, or abnormal behaviors with sleep.

It is linked to certain conditions like tiredness, sleepiness, jet lag, insufficient sleep and boredom.
Excessive yawning in the elderly should therefore be investigated immediately as it may be a subtle sign of diseases that have not as yet been detected, like a minor heart attack. However, for those elderly people who experience excessive yawning despite medical investigation revealing no underlying problems, a few simple measures could reduce the frequency of yawning. Your health care provider should assess your risks of daytime sleepiness, mental (cognitive) side effects, and falls before you begin taking sleep medications. In the elderly who tend to have chronic ailments, these causes of excessive yawning can complicate the current state of health and even be life-threatening.

However, it is accepted that yawning constantly when awake, after resting for long periods and having sufficient sleep is somewhat abnormal.
Therefore yawning in the elderly would most likely be more frequent due to lower energy levels with advancing age and at times disinterest in daily activities and entertainment that younger people may find engrossing.

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