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Combat fatigue syndrome, tinnitus therapy retraining - Review

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Once you start climbing out of the fatigue cycle the temptation to take on more is inevitable. Soldier’s Heart, Shell Shock, Battle Fatigue, Vietnam Syndrome, PTSD, it’s all the same to me. Learn these techniques for better sleep and better health with natural sleep aids to help manage chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

Though there is rape, loss of life and loved ones, and assorted other excuses the DOD uses for why troops and families have STRESS or are stressed out, all the reason taken together except combat are but a reflection of the mental state of our society.
Start with breathing and meditation techniques first, and adding a simple, cool, dark, quiet atmosphere as part of your routine can nip fatigue at the bud.
Though it may be debatable how many military families place the war, multiple deployments, and combat stress over the well being of their marriage, or their son, daughter, or better half that Sandy Cook is still but an assumption.

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