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In extreme cases women have killed themselves or their babies.The test, which is a world first, could be in widespread use within five years. Alerting women to the possibility they could be affected by the condition may also lead to them spotting the signs earlier and seeking treatment.The National Childbirth Trust welcomed the advance, saying post-natal depression can ‘profoundly affect women and their families’. Depression could be diagnosed by a blood test, according to newly published American research, which has found chemicals in the blood of people with the condition. Latent profile analyses of posttraumatic stress disorder, depression and generalized anxiety disorder symptoms in trauma-exposed soldiers – Contractor AA, Elhai JD, Fine TH, Tamburrino MB, Cohen G, Shirley E, Chan PK, Liberzon I, Galea S, Calabrese JR.

If a second test confirmed the disease, women could be offered more practical support after the baby is born or encouraged to take up exercise, which is known to help ward off depression.Prescribing anti-depressant drugs in pregnancy is another option.
However, it stressed that testing is just one part of the package of care needed by new mothers. For patients with bipolar disorder or severe depression, there are more subtle differences.These three conditions have similar symptoms, which make diagnosis using traditional methods difficult. We know from my work and the work of others that genetic factors are undoubtedly involved in making some women more vulnerable.’ Post-natal depression is more common in women with a history of depression and those who are lacking support or whose baby needs extra care.

US researchers are developing a similar test although it looks for early signs of depression rather than genetic clues.The full story can be seen on Sky News from 6am today.

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