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Looking at the illustration, we can see that the outer ear-canal extends from the outside of the head along the auditory canal to the eardrum. This congestion will result in an imbalance of air pressure between the middle ear and the external air pressure. When swallowing, we can hear the ears making a clicking sound because the throat muscles open up the Eustachian tube in the throat (see red arrows).
Behind the eardrum there is a confined space (the middle ear) which is connected by a small tube - the Eustachian tube - to the back of the throat.
Congestion can be due to a swelling of the lining of the throat, the tonsils or the adenoid lymph glands. This opens the passage for air to flow via the back of the throat into the vacuum of the middle ear, popping back the eardrum (this popping is often noticed at high altitude, for example in an aeroplane or in a car in the mountains). Steam inhalations not only cause rosy cheeks, but also heat up the inside of the throat and nose.

The external air pressure becomes greater than the pressure in the middle ear, and this pushes the eardrum inwards. The eardrum will become stretched, which can cause earache, sometimes accompanied by a reduced or muffled sense of hearing. As a remedy for earache in children I use a combination of Apis and Levisticum in low potency, D2 and D3 respectively, 5 pillules three times daily.
This can unblock the Eustachian tube and alleviate the pressure imbalance in the middle ear.
1 tablet in the morning, for a period of 3 months to settle this lymphoid tendency in children. Camomile flowers can also help to settle the symptoms of blocked ears, a blocked nose, or sinusitis-like symptoms. As you can see, the problem of earache in children is often not caused by the ear itself, but by congestion in the throat area!

Use a large towel to cover your head, shoulders and the basin so that it is completely encased. Because of the hot steam, you have to start off further away, but as the water cools down you can lower your face towards the surface of the water so that you can benefit from the heat. After that, cover your face (leaving the eyes free) with the towel, and wrap the towel around your head to keep your face warm for another ten minutes.

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