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In reading the reviews, I gather a person has to continually use Clear Tinnitus for it to work. Supplement Spot response: Since you wrote this review as a guest, we are unable to identify you. A note from Supplement Spot: Richard, We have found that Clear Tinnitus helps about 85% of it's customers. There is over a million people in New Zealand who have tinnitus and never had anything like your product.

Relieves the ringing in your ears Homeopathic formula Non-habit forming Clear Tinnitus is an all-natural homeopathic breakthrough for sufferers of tinnitus. I have taken this supplemt for several months and I have noticed that I am able to hear much more clearly. After using two bottles of this I must say my Tinnitus has been reduced, but not eliminated. By definition, tinnitus is evidenced by an acoustic like sensation, usually located within the head, for which there is no external cause.

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