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Childhood anxiety and sleeplessness, medical definition of major depression - Try Out

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During a Webinar Wray Whyte shares with Vero Laos about her experience with children suffering from sleeplessness, anxiety and lethargy that have been helped using progesterone.
Another occasion was a friend’s 2yr old child, she was very clingy, very angry, and would not sleep – I suggested she rubbed a little bit of progesterone cream and it calmed the child instantly who fell asleep in her mom’s arm.
My brother’s friend daughter, a 14yrs old girl, was on antidepressant and was given counselling.

More and more mothers are coming to me in regards to putting their children on progesterone.
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The child wouldn’t go to sleep, he was very restless and I suggested to use a pin head of cream on the sole of the feet [it is very absorbable there] ….and the child went to sleep.

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