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In addition to these lifestyle changes, sometimes correcting a nutritional deficiency can help with sleep problems. If these lifestyle and nutritional changes do not help with your child’s insomnia, consult your doctor. Though there is no scientific consensus on the specific amount of sleep children need, here are some general ranges. Multiple studies report significant associations between children that are overweight tend to sleep less, and vise versa for children younger than five. The Winter Park Health Foundation is proud to support the Coordinated Youth Initiative (CYI), a collection of school-based health services to bolster the health of the whole child and remove barriers to learning. Maybe you read together or talk about your days, but sometimes even after these routines children can have trouble sleeping. Calcium, magnesium, or vitamins B6 and B12 deficiencies can cause restlessness in children.

For infants, around 13 hours per day is average; a typical school-age child sleeps around 10 hours per night, and teens about nine. Both the duration of sleep and its quality are associated with children’s health and behavior, including their school achievement, risk for injury, emotional well-being and overall health. If your child is irritable, tired, has trouble falling or staying asleep, they might have insomnia. There is good evidence that sleepiness, regardless of its origins, puts youth at risk for unintentional injuries and, for adolescents who are drivers, increases likelihood of motor vehicle crashes.
5: No Bedtime RoutineDoing the same things each night before bed helps your child know it's time to sleep. For instance, each night your child gets a bath, listens to you read them a story, has a snack, and then it's lights out.
8: Obstructive Sleep ApneaIt's rare, but some children can't sleep due to obstructive sleep apnea -- when the airways are blocked, often by enlarged tonsils and nasal tissues called adenoids.

But see your pediatrician if your child isn't sleeping well because of snoring or breathing problems. If drugs seem to be keeping your child up, talk to your pediatrician to see if changing the drug, dose, or timing might help.
15: No Pacifier or Teddy BearSometimes having a special object close by can help a young child fall asleep. 16: A Room That Says, "Stay Up!"To create the right space for sleep, keep your child's room dark at night.

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